A Not Normal Level of Understanding of Bahasa

Only in my wildest dream that thing like LANGUAGE happened to be a SUPER BIG problem.

you should just check this out. I was in a middle of conversation with him and it was a little..er…um… messed up. than, this little language thing occured and.. BOOM!! We lost every emotion control we were holding and it was like a rampage. (-.-“)
i was saying that, “Well.. i never…bla..bla…blaa…”
and then he said, “You actually ever do it some times so don’t even think about never did bla blah blah…”
Me: well, of course i didnt mean NEVER as in the true rule of literature, ciing. it was just a symbolic term, for HARDLY EVER doing that compared to you.
Him: well you could always say that, but me and other normal people with normal level of brain and normal understanding of Bahasa would translate it as NEVER never never ever! doing that thing, i mean.
Me: yes, but at least you could try to ask, geez man.
Him: so am i supposed to ask you EVERY single time you talk…?
Me: What? of course not…—
Him: So what was that supposed to mean…?
then i’m getting tired of than talk. even think about it and write it down makes me feel tired.
it was just a simple thing, for goodness’ sake! DO we HAVE to arguing about that..?? Geez.

well….in the end we both have it cleared actually… but it just make me think.
and i mean i think A LOT.
fine,, fine… i know i usually think a lot,, but i mean this is really… A HUGE LOT….
whatever… XD

i was just thinking,, that actually we need a really deep understanding to eliminate this language problem. Something I didn’t see before. I thought he and everybody else out there understand my language. Understand fully what I was trying to tell them…
but apparently I have came accross to something different. People MISINTERPRETING. and it happened almost all the time, it happened a lot.

geez. maybe after all this time,, I might’ve confused or upset somebody out there.

a truly sorry to everyone and thanks to ciing,, for opening my eyes that sometimes,, I’m not using the normal level of understanding of Bahasa.

I am not normal.
that sounds spooky….mwahahahahahaha…

nite all…

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