a note of silent reflection in the rain…

Sometimes things are easy for us, but hard for others…

Sometimes loneliness teach u many precious things…

Sometimes someone hides his / her feeling so good untill you can’t see what it is behind their smile, what it is behind their warm laugh, what it is behind their painful tears, what it is behind their soft expression, what it is behind their harsh words, what it is behind their nonsense attitude…

What you called justice perhaps was an injustice for someone else

What you called sin perhaps was a blessing for the others

What you called death perhaps was actually a life

What you called patience perhaps means waiting in eternity for others…

What do you see perhaps is unseen for others…

What do you understand might be a big burden of nonsense for someone

What you cant reach might belong to someone else

What you can dream might be a pleasure for someone who is dreamless

What you hope for perhaps is impossibility for someone

What do you fear perhaps is a torch of braveness for someone else

What you dont realize perhaps was understood by others

Stars maybe countless for you, maybe someone could count it

Sun may bring new start for you, but rain may clean everything for the others

your choice perhaps kill someone out there
…but could save someone else too in the same time…

life could bring you to thousand crossroads,
but you could lead life to one destination…

understanding is to forgiving
forgiving is to loving
loving is to living
and living is for everyone else in the world,
whether you know them or not.

you have no idea of whose life you touch tonight…
of whose life yours are intertwined with…

of thousand possibilities…….
……..either to save……
… let go….
…to kill… start…
….to end…

or simply to stay still….

Published by reylasano

she writes your stories

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