One Warm Feeling

Funny, it’s raining heavily outside..

but i feel warm inside…
i recognize this warm feeling…

there are…things…that are hard to explained by words..
it just sitting a while outside and let the rain brush my hair and skin….
instead of being cold i felt warm.

inside the rain,
i remembered how Tyaz and me spent our time at High School… that even we’re apart,, somehow we’re connected… the memories just come like a rush of peaceful feeling and realizing i always have a place like her to run to, it’scomforting…. that is Warm Number One

inside the rain,
i remembered how scared i was when leaving High School for Atma. And then, i met this amazing people here. Aloiina, Rintak, Bombina n Dee… i could never thank them enough for supporting me here… they make me stand my ground, i could not say “hardest time” because they were there make it always easier…

There are classes i need to got minimal a “B” to survive, that’s not a fun fact, really. But then, again, Bombi said, “We’ll be here. No worries.”
that day, she said it just like a normal conversation. i bet she even forgot she told me that.
but then again….. it’s warm….

and through dizziness everyday,, i know Aloii would be there and share fine n warm laughters like no one else could give me an opportunity like that to express the laughters…

and, even tough troubles are everywhere, Rintak wud never ever let anything hurt me deeper than she could hug me. Her hug always go deeper than any pain. it’s like magic….and it is warm…. thats Warm Number Two

inside the rain,
i remembered that back then, there was Wiramihardja with his silly words and attitude, with his smart n short solution, with his annoying attitude n i cant help but laugh when that lead him to more troubles.
yes, he’s far away. yes, he got someone to talk to now everyday, but i dont feel like he’s using me when he was alone. not at all.
instead, i feel warm….
warm knowing he’s also feel warm….

i think, there are friends like Aloii, Rintak, Bombi n Dee who are clearly visible everyday, but there arestar friendswho are not visible everyday, but yea, you know they are there.
it feels warm… remembering that all i need is text.
it’s warm, because it’s a look-alike kind of friendship with Tyaz.
a friendship that wont be forgotten by time.
a friendship that last. Warm Number Three.

inside the rain,
i remembered Crystal has always been the first who cares to anythin happened to me. somehow she has ALWAYS known what’s happening to me, n she’ll ask right away.
my problems are hers n hers are mine.
you just have to feel it someday.
that warmth, when you know, friendship has nothing to do with time n distance.
it matters of one soul dwelling in two bodies. That’s Warm Number Four

inside the rain, i figured out the warmest warmth.
i remembered how i used to ask God,
“Why J, why do You create something called “love” when i cant understand it any bit…?”
n i see how warm it is now, for having A here. his presence, even when he just say nothing and juz look me in the eye……..
i know i’m safe.

and through every single thing. i mean it, every single little thing, he’s there. making sure i’m warm and happy and safe.
sometimes, i feel like God has given me too much blessing by sending him here, right beside my side…

for every touch,
every hugs,
every moment…..

knowing that i have him here, to share everything, pain, anger, sadness, laughters, joy, faith, dreams, you name it! it’s warm…. it really is….
i know i would face the world just fine with him here…
i find it the hardest to explain his warm compared to explaining the others’ warm… because….
it’s something that…………..
i really cant find any words to describe……….
how warm it is…..

maybe someday,
you just have to feel it to understand.

dear God,
you’ve given me an unperfect life…
but you’ve given me…
perfect people to live this unperfect life,


for that J……..

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