Exploring Life

I’m kinda enjoying life much much more right now–Well, seriously it’s part of my new year resolution, which in complete pointers would be:

  1. Strike the straight A (oh yeah baby, reminding me of that statistics, data and numbers I have to get used to. I HAVE to get used to. Man, I dont remember I chose Psychology over Criminology for its STATISTIC class. Geez. Why in the world do I have to figure out which critical region for this data with the correct alpha level and degree of freedom? And how on earth would that be useful in my life? *lol* *sigh after lol -.-“* I would kill the man who put this Stat thing in Psychology myself if he’s still alive. Why didnt he just leave Psychology in peace without numbers?? *lol again). Well, as hard as it is, I guess I still need to list this one in my new year resolution…
  2. Be a better girlfriend. This past three months I’ve been acting so selfish, short temper and so…. pain in the ass. XD so this year resolution is to be a better girlfriend for my A. Be the one he used to know.
  3. Closer relationship with J….
  4. Having Macbook Air, NDS lite pink, iPhone 3gs, on my own expense. Where would i get the money…? No idea. I’ll figure it out, I have one year. Hahahaha…
  5. Rachel House Volunteer
  6. Ice-Skating class
  7. Dance class
  8. French & Japanese class
  9. At least once do the wall climbing
  10. At least once do the bungee-jumping
  11. Mastering Final Fantasy X: Ending Theme on the piano
  12. Calmly and take everything easier in life so I wont bother anyone else especially my A, my Tyaz, my Crystal and my Bombi-Aloii-Rintak-Dee… i bother them way too much…. -.-“
  13. Never ever stop writing
  14. …and finally enjoy and enjoy and enjoy life much and much and much much more…. 🙂

Well there are pletny of things I have to do then… 🙂
you guys know what..? It’s true, i want enjoy life much more, exploring every chances there are, every adventures and trying new things, acquiring new skills and so on. But somehow I guess it’s another way I prepare myself. A… well i hope so much he do well on his undergraduate theses (Oh please God…guide him… i dunno any other way to encourage him to do this, really…) well, assuming he’s gonna graduate soon, and then he’s gonna work somewhere. Normally then, he’ll be busy and…and…well it minimalize our quality time, our fun time and… well you know what i mean. Then, I have to got things to do or else i’ll start bothering him every hour every day… 🙂

Well, see u all around.
you guys should also explore life much more..
we live once, so live it!

Have a happy week….

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