:Blue Apple Pancake:
(With Yoghurt, a lot of strawberries and oreo, Nata de Coco, Choco Chips, and Strawberry-Choco topping). This is seriously yummyy….!! 🙂

:Iorek Byrnison:
(the iPod). This thing is a life saver… 😛

…and Ai to Shin:
(the Samsung Corby phone) a.k.a the moment capturer. Not gonna leave home without her or i’ll lost every moment out there to catch… hahahaha.. ow. and the built-in dictionary is a handy one.. i simply love her.. 🙂

me and my girls ditch our class (or MY class, to be exact. since they had no class that day) round a week ago. Of all my fun-ditching-class-session and girls-day-out time, last week was the best so far. why it was the best…? because i realize (for the two thousand times) that bestfriends worth more than i ever think. thats all i need to make my day: a cup of comfort from the very bestfriends. 😛
i heart them so much!

hugs your besties today folks!

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