Explofing My Head

okay. count to three and i’ll explode my head.

Where is Dr. Derek Shepherd when i need him the most?
i’m so dead folks. really dead, literally.
see, my friend confessed her darkest secret (really dark like i cant say anything else to explain more. and to be exact, i truly dont know how to react. you must think that i should’ve been so used to this. but believe me, i’m not. even if i am a proud student of psychology).
then, when i need him the most, i cant contact my bestfriend. he seem so busy like he forgot one of his besties is dying down here. not that the others didnt support me, but it feels i’m missing somethings when i didnt tell him… things….
the other thing, i passed that statistic II, oh i do thanking God for that….. but see… i think i could’ve score higher….
the next thing, my boyfriend is driving me crazy. now i dont know who is crazier between us. whether it’s just me who is being oversensitive, or is that him who never ever realize the reality of him being so ……….complicated…
name the other problems. i could list you with a thousand things.
i’m so a magnet to troubles.

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