Your fun is only limited by your imagination…

before sinking deeper to the article i want to credit for this……. magical picture… really, it captures the idea of even as an adult, you still can find magic in your imagination…

i heard this quote on the Bedtime Stories movie. As far as i can remember, Adam Sandler starred on that movie. oh, and speaking about him folks, go listen to his song “I wanna Grow Old with You“.. it’s a definitely beautiful and romantic song… 🙂

right, so back to the quote. You know what, these days i’ve been thinking, of what was the world look like when we were just kids. A very colorful world, fun things everywhere, free imagination without have to feel like you’re a total fool. My father used to take me to a very big water park and swimming pool here, and i was real happy. I remember i used to pretended that i am a princess, the water park was my castle, and that i have big different adventures everytime i visit a different part of the park.

Recalling that, i’ve never been to that water park again ever since my father got sick. But, urm, geez, that’s not the point. even if someone take me there once again, i’m pretty sure i cant see the adventures like when i was a kid. that’s kinda sad, actually. because now i honestly think, the world looks like a so much better place when you have kids’ view to see it. i remember i used to imagining every single day, everytime, everywhere. i could easily make a different way to see things when it was bad to me.. 

so then, from this day, i’ve been promising myself to, once again put my imagination over the world. seeing it with a different way, break the border…and once again taste the sweetness of the world even when you know you face scary things everyday.

Now then, when i was a kid, i’d run to my father and mother for protection. and how i wish i could still run to them. to him. my father, i mean. but then, realizing that God puts my mom, my A, my besties…. their open arms and hearts to make sure i’m safe…. it wont be so much different, i think. different,actually, in a happier way…

so now, i honestly havent figured out what to do with my life, but… i’m sure i have some imagination…

that would include being a writer, master the piano, do something useful with this psychology thing (i’m in a state of disliking my major because of my-not-very-nice lecturer. note it folks, i’m disliking it doesnt mean i lost passion in it. i love this subject. 😛 ), and of course, living a long happy inspiring lovely life with him. XD

someday, i would more than gladly to share dreams with kids, fill them with hope. like dad did to me. make them believe they can be anything, do anything….
that the world in their hands, that their dreams could change the world someday…
i am delighted with that job, i guess.

someday, i want to touch the sky. seeing earth from outer space…understanding forensics, work at a crime lab, building a great crime lab here in this nation…

someday, i want to work with Crystal together. building the largest museum here, in Indonesia. making people believe and see that museum like a home, not a boring place. a new home, with new inspirations, new knowledge. i’ll be more than willing to see them say “ooohhh…! i havent seen it before…” and go home feeling refreshed by our museum….

someday, i want to travel around the world. seeing different places, stay for a while, making new friends and then travel again….

someday, i want to stay in New York City, i’ll drag Crystal from her home if I have to (luckily i dont seem have to do that. Because she might’ve gone to that place before i spell “aeroplane”). I’ll find a way to persuade A if he’s already in Japan (altough i dont mind staying there for a while, either.. XD) and i’ll take my mum there, let her shop till drop, choose her very own flat and eat, sleep, sing happily always…

someday, i would want a family so happy and nice. inspiring and having a strong bond like Aloii’s family has. a family you knew, wherever you go, whoever you find, whatever you do, you would always come home to us. to your family.

and someday, someday, someday……………
i have forgotten what it feels like to be so excited like this about dreams.
about imaginations.
and it feels………….. great!!

and this one step i have to do is to stop blogging right now, get back to my room and study Abnormal Psychology for my mid-test (tomorrow, 12.15 p.m), prepare the utmost, praying to God for His help, and score as high as i could get…

translation: i really gotta go now folks.. 😉

cheer ur day, keep imagining, dont forget do something to make it all come true.

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