“Okay Mum..yes sure i’m fine. Eric’s not here, he never will and yes, you’ve asked me the same question three times before. Give my kisses to daddy. I love you both.”

This is the third times in a week Mum called me with the very same pattern. Asking me if i’m okay, whether i need something, and asking me if somehow by miracles Eric’s here, so she could yell to him as he broke my heart.
Mum’s too sweet sometimes, too sweet untill sometimes, i don’t really want to answer her call. Eric. Remembering his name is enough for a pain.

“Ai.” someone’s calling in front of my door. “Would you please open the door?”
“Urrghh…leave me alone, Sei-kun. This is the first day of winter, gimme a break. I dont want any school project right now.”
“This is important. And nothing’s about school project.” said the gentle voice.
“Ai’s dead.”
“Dont make me broke through your door.”
I slowly kicked my soft and warm brown blanket, put on my Piglet slipper (Mum FORCED me to wear this. I have nothing to do woth this pinky-piggy-piglet. Have no idea where these things come out in front of my mum, and have no idea how could she forced me to use this, either. these slippers are ridicolous).
“What now?” I opened the door and spotted Sei stood with snow covered his brown hair, he seemed lost his breath and his nose slowly turning red. “What are you, an idiot?” I pulled him inside and threw my blanket over him. He was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts.
“I heard…….something…so…so i just came over.” he said.
I stood in front of him with my two hands on my waist. “Without even take a coat?”
“It’s Eric.”

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