Define Love

I have overheard people speaking, that there’s nothin last FOREVER.
I have heard the leaves softly humming, that I would never make it, true love is merely a dream.
I listen, when the wind blows my hair, it tells me that someday, those passionate and romantic scenes, those sweet words and beautiful dreams will be over.
Then, it would left you n me, stucked with the routines of saying “hi”, “good mornin”, “sleep tite” and “i love you”….

Then,after realizing it,
I COULD promise u a happily ever after life, according to my dreams and faith.
I could promise u a cheerful smile n helping hands for u to make sense of evrytin when this chaotic world hit u in and out.
I could promise u an eternal togetherness, a sense of belonging to each other, a forever couple.
I could promise u my presence in every step u take, the smooth road n the rough ones.
I could promise u a warm feeling. I could promise u a hug. I could promise u a ten thousand things if u want me to.

But darling…..
I do not own an immortality.
I am no God, who could promise u a future.
I’m still in search of my true self, I can’t promise u to always be there, smiling, encouraging u, keeping u happy and safe…

But I know I could ALWAYS promise u this. Always:
I promise u me, myself, with my whole entity,
my being, my existence.
You will always be the reason of I am.
So I promise u a whole of me.
Me, who simply love u for who u are, with who I am.

And I’ll define it as love.

to u A, for the reason of I am,
for precious moments,
for everything.
20th May 2010, 5.16 PM

Published by reylasano

she writes your stories

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