I looked up to Sei-kun. For the first three months after Eric left, I felt like I saw Eric’s face on everyone else’s face. I even have mistaken calling them “Eric” for like a ten thousand times.

“Well,” I said nervously. I was so no good on lying, everybody knew that. “Should it have anything to do with me?”

“Yes. You need to know where he is so you can kick his ass off.” Se-kun smiled at me. His nose was now all red. I walked to the kitchen desk and pour out hot water. As I reached for my coffee jar, I asked Sei-Kun, “Why did you think I would want to kick his ass of?”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“Nope. Kicking him a thousand times won’t fix anything. Why waste my energy?” I turned over him and handed the coffee mug. And damn, it was the mug I used to serve Eric with. And the same coffee, his favorite. I need to throw away his stuff immediately.

Sei-kun took the mug, but he didn’t drink it. “Is it hurt so bad?”

I stood in front of him, confused with his question. “What hurt so bad? It’s just a broken heart.”

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