The Other Love to Celebrate

Hello folks, meet Dr. Grey and Dr. Yang from Grey’s Anatomy! 😛 oh i love this show…

On your left is Dr. Meredith Grey.. don’t mind her face right now.. she usually look pretty charming when she smiles…

and on your right is Dr. Cristina Yang, her bestfriend, someone who is totally 180   degree different from her. 😛

The thing is, they are totally different. But they make a very good bestfriend, they lean upon each other, knock some sense to each other, protecting each other, supporting each other. Somehow, looking at them make me feel like i’m so lucky i have my bestfriends. I have Jude as my person. Me and Jude? We could always be Meredith Grey or Cristina Yang, one of them, or both of them. But mostly i’m delighted i have her as my person. We barely talk like “Thankyou for being my friend” or “Lucky I have you”, some part of me, i feel like that’s just not my style. But then, I do feel lucky. Unlike Grey and Yang, we barely meet. Sometimes we chat or text each other, but the fun thing from a real friendship is: no matter how far you are from each other, no matter how little time you have to meet up, to text each other, but still you would have the very same feeling, of having your bestie as your person.
Sometimes there are things i could not put in words, but Jude seems just understand what i meant. Sometimes, there are alson things i feel like Jude want to tell me, but right before, I’ve already know what she want to tell me. And, i think, it’s the most important thing in friendship. Not exactly how often you meet, but how deep your understanding on each other, and how your bestie makes you feel comfort with yourself.

This morning, I wake up with a really happy feeling, realizing no matter how bad the world could go, I would never be alone.

I realize that, love for couples is not the only love you could celebrate. I could always celebrate the love of me and A, 
but…. the love of friendship…? Now it IS also something to celebrate. It is almost equal in warmth, in happiness, in togetherness, in everything.

Besties make me feel there’s nothing can go wrong in the world. as long as i am with them, i am safe. 🙂
Please folks, value your friendship. because, sometimes maybe it’s just all you need:

f r i e n d s h i p.
Meredith told Cristina about her pregnancy



CRISTINA: No freaking way!


CRISTINA: Oh my God! Oh, okay. Um, were you trying to?

MEREDITH: No! Total accident. I used the thing.

CRISTINA: Oh, so are we happy about this? Or are we exercising our legal right to choose? [Cristina laughs] Okay, alright! Congratulations! Let’s hug it out. (she  usually HATES hugs. sometimes i feel Jude is a lot like Cristina in hugging department. well, sometimes. hahaha…) 

MEREDITH: [laughs] Okay.

CRISTINA: Oh my God. Are you- Are you- Are you gonna tell him? Have you told him?

MEREDITH: No, I just found out!

[both of their pagers go off]

CRISTINA: Oh, Teddy.


CRISTINA: Well, are you gonna tell him now?



MEREDITH: How is the Teddy and Owen thing going?

CRISTINA: Oh. Oh, fantastic. It’s going great. I’m completely over it. [breathes and puts her hand on Meredith’s shoulder]This is very adult. I’m really proud of you, Meredith Grey.

MEREDITH: I’m proud of me too?

CRISTINA: Yes. Yes. [laughs]


[They both walk away]

CRISTINA: Hey. I hope it has his hair.


images took from fuckyeahgreysanatomy

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