To be honest, Ai missed her days when Eric was here. As hard as she fought that feling, it came clearer and clearer how much she missed that gentle voice, that soft eyes…… that nice hair. She missed everything about Eric. It would have been so much easier if only Eric would show some mercy and just told her the reason he left. Even if it was the most painful reason.

But this?
Ai imagined, she might go through any reason. Any reason Eric gave her. But not like this. One day you closed your eyes, went to sleep, still talked to him half an hour ago, and woke up the next day only to find he just vanished. Vanished. No news, no words, nothing. Just a black hole went deeper and deeper, wider and wider, as you went through day by day, try to accept the fact that he left without any word.

Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric. Eric.
Why? Why? Why? Why??
For a moment there, Ai thought she just might’ve lose her sanity. She laughed upon her sweet memories, and broke down when it came to reality.

“I had an argument with him.” Ai stared blankly to the park.
“You always had an argument with him.” Sei sat beside her. After a long silence, Sei finally spoke up. “You don’t have to do this you know.” Sei touched her chin.
“Do what?” Ai asked. Her eyes were already teary.
“Talking about him.”
Ai breathed deeply. “I want to.” For a moment when she breathed deeply, Ai let her heart hoped Eric would just popped in of nowhere. For a moment, Ai wished it was Eric who sat by her side. “It’s his birthday anyway.” Ai stood up.

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