Alrite people, it’s been like years since the last time I wrote here. I’m on my final test week and it’s……………

i would simply call it “CHAOS”.
why? Because it IS such a CHAOTIC week. Here and there, print this and that, learn this and that… so many assignments, report, tasks, writeen exam like I could barely feel myself.
so practically my eyes would look like this : @.@

not to mention other problems.
like skating. This basic move…….. i just couldnt get the gist of it.
oh and I havent start the Japanese class just yet… probably round next week, for this time, i’m kinda grateful… i NEED ALL my free time to finish tasks. what a life…

but there’s always a sanctuary on time like this… 😛
Look at how comfortable he is! I took the image from nice capture! 😛
The point i put this lovely kitty here?
because it’s a CAT!
…………… okay. sorry.
my point is, I have a very very very comfortable sanctuary on all these times. see, last June 19th i celebrated my 2 yrs anniversary… YAAAY…!!!
it’s a night full of evaluation, laughters and love i guess. So it’s been 2yrs already, feels just like yesterday for me…. we had dinner at Waroeng Gumati, Bogor and it was such an amazing place…. It has a beautiful view at night… and actually i almost dont care where I am as long as i know who i am with…. 🙂

so yeah, that is a power booster for busy weeks ahead…
i pray for my survival at psychology and an everlasting love and comfort like this..

wish me luck with Psychometry test today! See ya around…

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