yosshh..!! It’s HOLIDAY..!

Spell it right, people… H-O-L-I-D-A-Y…!!

*jiggy dance, jiggy dance..*

well, there are A LOT of things to do this holiday, really… I’ll start from the MUSEUM! A and me had make an agreement on visiting those cool museums. It’s surprising me really that A had such an interest on visiting museums. Thought he was gonna say something like “What?? It’s just wasting our time.” or “Er… not really in the mood to.” or “What do you want to see? Just google it.”


But instead he said okay and it was a fabulous idea to spend our free time with something useful and not only centered around malls and malls.

God bless him, and I was like:



so today we plan to visit some museums round Kota Tua, Jakarta. This is our second tour, actually. But this time we’ll hit more museums.. 😛

Will give the details later.. 😛

and then, I wanna go see the Jakarta Fair 2010 also…

er.. it’ll end by July 11th so I gotta go quick.

And there’s a Chocolate Festival at Kelapa Gading… Not really a big fes but there’s a choco-buffe stand at that is surely tempting. sluurrrpp…~ haahahahahhaa….

Oh, and my cousin’s wedding will be on July 8th, so we’re pretty cutely busy right now. I, apparently got the honored role of…. er…. I don’t know what’s the name of the role. I don’t even know what’s the name in Indonesian. So it was like… a bridesmaid, but in our tradition, the groom’s bestman has to be a GIRL and the bride’s maid has to be a boy, I guess. I don’t know and practically confused when my mom casually said, “Hey ya, u’re gonna assist your cousin on his wedding day, okay. Now try this oufit.”

My jaw dropped. “Assisting in what??”

this is bad news. Why? Because I had to go in a traditional costume with a very high-high heels all day long, which has the latent effect of killing me slowly but sure.

Thanks Mom, u’re the best in this department. 

A laughed and said that I’m gonna do fine, I’ll look fine and the costume is also fine. I said, “but this is high heels!” and he said, “get used to it.” then he laughed. Oh, what a romantic boyfriend I have. It would be nice if you said, “I’ll stand beside you to catch u whenever u fall.” So then I know I wont humiliate myself in front of so many people… Nyahahahaha… But it seems A is not really that type and I am so glad for that, I don’t know. He always has his own way and his own definition of “romantic” and hate to admit (coz he maybe will read this and fly to the seventh heaven for seven consecutive days.. nyahahahhaa,,,) hate to admit that his own ways and definition of “romantic” is always REALLY romantic, on time I could not expect and in ways that always surprised me.

OKAY. Why do I get distracted so much when talking about him? Let’s get back to our topic, HOLIDAY.


Then, with the museums, Jakarta Fair, Choco Fes, and my cousin’s wedding it’ll left the movies, bookstore and food to go… hyahahahhaa….

I haven’t yet seen the Karate Kid and Twilight: Eclipse so I guess wanna see those movies. A big impossibility asking A see the Eclipse wih me, tough he did offer to accompany me two days ago. He said, “Let’s go see the movie. It’s okay with me.” And I thought it was so sweet of him, but nope, I don’t wanna go see the movie with him because he would fall asleep at the cinema and I’ll end up laughing and poking him, and we wont watch the movie at all. So, Jude, Hoseki, anyone interested to go see Edward, Bella and Jacob?? J J Call me girls, you know where to find me. Hahahahahaa….

That left Karate Kid free for me n A and Eclipse for me and my girls… J

Oh, and I saw some good books at the bookstore and practically drooling and dying to see them.. xD xD I love books! 😛 😛 So this is gonna be a really fun holiday I hope. With festivals here and there, good movies and yummy books, with A and the girls, this is a totally mood and spirit booster for my next semester at college. Because this 5th semester looks so……. heavy with so many works, assignments and classes. But for now, let’s spell it one more time! H-O-L-I-D-A-Y..!! Mwahahahahaha….

Aloii will be out to Jerusalem for a week, oh,blessed her! Safe trip Aloii-chan.. don’t forget to bring something for us! Mwahahahahaa… and take A LOT OF PICTURES yaaa….. I’m dying to see them! 😛

And I also still have Skating and Japanese classes and they all rocks and fun! I’ll spill the details later… gotta rush to the bathroom and get ready for today’s journey of happiness..!!

See ya around folks… Thanks for wasting time reading my writing.. 😛

will be back with the holiday stories… wish me fun today!

ciao… YY

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