50 First Reactions

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS… type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you hear these 50 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random just type it!

Pretty fun thing folks. Go try it. Here’s mine…
1. Beer: Guiness

2. Food: Burger king

3. Relationships: Sometimes complicated, deep in connection

4. Crush: Ciingnyaa

5. Power Rangers: Me and my brother (He’s the red, I’m the white. Weird huh? xD )

6. Life: A gift!

7. The President: Obama

8. Yummy: Ice Cream

9. Car: Lamborghini

10. Movie: Karate Kid (just watched it.. 5 Sstars!! I love u Jackie Chan!)

11. Halloween: Trick or Treat??

12. Sex: To be respected

13. Religion: Not save u. Jesus does.

14. Hate: Cockroach.. Euh.

15. Fear : Thunder

16. Marriage: Once in a lifetime, Worth waiting, Beach, Garden, Romantic.

17. Blondes: Pretty cool. Especially when you’re Taylor Swift. xD

18. Slippers : Pilet-Piglut from Ciingnyaa!!

19. Shoes: Converse

20. Asians: Sparkling Japan

21. Pastime: What’s Pastime?

22. One night stand: Wont do

23. My cell phone: Nody and Corby

24. Smoke: Cant stand it

25. Fantasy: What I live for!

27. High school Life : Never end! Wanna go back!

28. Pyjamas: Love them!

29. Stars: A promise from God

30. Center: Central Park? Mwahahhaaa… I do have some weird reactions… -.-“

31. Alcohol: Sometimes good, sometimes bad

32. The word LOVE: Ciingnyaa, my family and my girls.

33. Friends: Worth a million

34. Money: Not the only thing, but almost everything needs money.

35. Heartache: My late grandparents

36. Time: always enough, depends on u

37. Divorce: Hurt

38. Dogs: Husky

39. Undies: Panties? Hahahaha…

40. Parents: Great influence

41. Babies: Smell good..

42. Ex: Friends..

43. Song : Ai’s Theme (Composed by him, piano instrumental)

44. Color: White

45. Weddings: Love celebration of couples, families and friends…

46. Pizza: Carbonara Creamy with beef!

47. Hangout: Starbucks? xD

48. Rest: My bedroom, my kingdom…

49. Goal : Hup Holland! (Too much World Cup’s Influence)

50. Inspiration: Everyone, at unexpected place and time…

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