37 Things About Love

37 Things about Love

I made a list. But, you know… you could always make like a 300000 lists when it comes about love.. hahahahaa…

here’s some part of mine:

  1. Pray together, pray for each other.
  2. Be polite, be graciously gentle. Don’t use harsh words or harsh tone. Keep it low especially when you get angry, you don’t know how you could hurt your lover so deep with your words and way of speaking.
  3. Enjoy your time with your love without being afraid of anything. OF ANYTHING. Fear would destroy every happy moments you should’ve treasured.
  4. Golden Rule still rules: Do what you want others do to you.
  5. Give him . her your FULL ATTENTION when they’re talking. Stop reading, playing game or surfing the internet, look them in the eyes and listen.
  6. Become their number 1 fan and 24/7 cheerleader. Make them feel special. Make them feel loved, Everybidy likes it to feel loved. So give them that.
  7. Tell your lover how he / she brings love into your life.
  8. Laugh together. laugh at anything.
  9. Tell about each other’s day during mealtime. (Not polite talking when eating, but still it is fun. xD )
  10. Say you’re sorry. Forget about pride. (As Jude said, “Let love does the talk.” 10000% agree.)
  11. Memories are good, either the good ones or the bad. Recall them together.
  12. When you finally say “I love you”, Let go of the past. Let go of his / her past too. Love them for who they are,
  13. Do nothing together. Sit in a couch, day dreaming, anything that is nothing… xD
  14. Trust your partner enough to cry together. Don’t forget to lend your shoulder at times he / she needed the most.
  15. Act silly together.
  16. Ask your lover questions about opinions, feelings, thoughts. Encourage them to tell the truth, don’t be mad when they say something you don’t agree or accept.
  17. Show your joy and happiness feelings when you met him / her.
  18. Show your gratitude for them. They bring something precious to your life, be thankful.
  19. Compliment them in front of others. Show that you’re proud of them.
  20. Spend time with them.
  21. Ask for hugs and kisses.
  22. Be interested in their interests. It pleases them.
  23. To say I love you, let go of jealousy. Trust them enough in handling your heart.
  24. Accept their weaknesses and flaws.
  25. Ditch work or responsibilities to play with them.
  26. Be yourself. ALWAYS be yourself.
  27. Stop comparing her / him to anyone else. People are special, especially your lover, respect difference.
  28. Learn to forgive. Even when they dont say sorry.
  29. Leave notes or send letters. Traditional ways sometimes touch the best.
  30. You don’t need reason to give them surprises.
  31. Don’t judge them. Know them deeper than anyone else.
  32. Give their own me-time when they need it. Everyone need time and space every now and then.
  33. Keep your promises.
  34. Make them laugh.
  35. Consider their feelings. Dont hurt them.
  36. Let them make their own decisions. You are there to give them advices, not to MAKE them do what you wanted.
  37. Say what you mean when you say I love you. Say why. Say it clearly.
Have fun loving…. 

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