August Rush

Happy August rush people! It’s good to be back.. xD

I went to the campus round three days ago and registered my classes. I’m taking 10 classes this semester. Pretty crowded Iguess. But looks exciting and fun. I took Child Abuse class with Aloii-chan. Was kinda hoping to take the Woman Psychology class but it was already full, which partly is really my Academic Advisor’s (AA) fault. Why? Because she left us to Holland exactly on the day we had to choose our classes. The system needs Academic Advisor’s approval to registered our classes. Ms. B had asked one of her friend to take care of us with the approval things. She was a nice AA, really but still not Ms. B. I waited like 3 hrs to register my classes and by then almost all classes were full booked. (sigh). Karina even missed one of her class.

To be short, I had to attend this semester’s most terrifying class alone. AGAIN. Geez folks. I wish the girls are here with me. I mean, who else had the hig
hest level of understanding of my own way to finished assignments? I’m a weirdo in doing assignments, and not sure whether the other folks will be as patient as my girls were.
(sigh) (sigh) (sigh)..

Well that’s the hard part. The rest of the classes are interesting enough and mostly I can’t wait to start. Things are pretty busy here and there, with A struggling on his undergraduate theses and me with all the activities but I could say this is a pretty relaxing holiday. I spent most of my time at home, which i’m glad of, because i’m not sure i’ll be around enough in next two weeks. well, i still live here, but you know, the old Psychology Student rule will be back: late night dating with computer, tasks, scientific journal and books. So might spent time as much as i could with my family. Oh, and i am TRULY satisfied with my sleep hour! It’s been like ages  since the last time I could sleep for at least 8 hrs!  xD
And considering the joy of freedom to sleep like this will soon be robbed from me, i feel thankful for times like this. times where I can listen to the music till I fall asleep, watch Mac and Flack on CSI: NY and even go fetch some Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappucino with my mum. with Mum. She could spell Starbucks now. Nice. *rofl.

By the way, this Java Chip is definitely the most delicious n yummy-yuummmy-yum frappucino Starbucks ever sell. xD xD. It tasted so good! You guys are soooo have to try it.. 😛
those nice baristas will mix choco chips with frappucino and the result is heaven
heheheh.. 😛
i always got the feeling like slurping a chocolate cake right from the straw.. xP

Oh, and there are good movies out there and since A is so busy with his theses, I haven’t yet seen Inception, or Salt or even The Last Airbender: Legend of Aang.
so far A is my best movie-mate and hereby I wish him a rocket-speed energy to finish his theses so we can once again enjoy the good life. Mwahahahahaha. Over-reacting. I know.
I’ll just get to sleep, I think. see ya around 🙂

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