A Sister God Forget to Give Me

urm. I actually………… kinda don’t know what to tell, really. Well, i guess life is sure full of surprises. and the fact that my bestfriend decided to drop her degree here and go to Australia next year, and enroll in a state university there is one hell of a proof to that.

why do i eventually always ‘lose’ the people i love the most?

it’s not like Jude is goin to a so remote island faraway in Neverland or something. and it’s not like i wont be able to reach her and vice versa… but it’s just……. i don’t know. i already miss her right now.

being a bestie, she’s more like a sister. and imagining she wont be here physically, it’s torturing me. i love making friends here and there. i wanted to make friends as much as i meet people everywhere. but to make someone a “bestfriend”, whoa. it’s a different thing. I’m the kind of person who enjoys one true bestfriend than having 20 fake bestfriends.

in life, i learn that you got some, you lose some. holding to that principle, you got your true bestfriends around you. people you’re attached to. people you depend on for happiness and well being. people who complete you. people who doesn’t mind with your flaws and enrich your pluses. people who will yell at you when you’re destroying yourself, and who will still be there to comfort and hug you when you finally realize they were right. people who make sure you will be laughing at least three times that day. people who make your life worth living. people you love more than you could tell them. people like Jude. people like A. people like Wiramihardja. people like Tyaz, Aloii, Bom2 n Karina.

and when one of them go, you feel destroyed, i could assure you that. i remember i felt this kind of feeling when Wiramihardja left to USA 8 years ago. a bestfriend still we are, we prove what friendship could do across the ocean untill now, but still, it was a kinda hard time for us. and i miss him every now and then, but you know, in the end it’s just a fact i have to get used to.

and Jude? I don’t know what to do without her here. technology are beyond amazing these days and there will be ways and chances to keep in touch. yes, i am very well aware for that. but still i think it wont replace the quality time, the laugh, the hugs and pat on the back….. part of me really really really want to cheer her on and support her. she’s doin this to fullfill our dreams. i’m the one who always said to run for your dreams. that is exactly what she’s working in now… but when it involves saying goodbye, it sounds painful. the other part of me feels like i want to cry just now.

but then again, she’s running to her dreams. and me too. we set our goal, we set our target, and if there’s one thing i learned from Her Highness Miss Realistic, then it would be: to be realistic… 😛
she’s running to her dreams, i’ll support her. and she will just do the same. afterall, a friendship like this is a bond that bind you to death. 😛 😛
its powers go through the ocean, time and place. friendship is not always in the eyes. it stays longer in the heart.

i love ya Jude. let’s run to our dreams together.

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