Happy October

Aaaarggh… feels like AGES since my last post..

this is the BUSIEST time ever..! Gosh. September has never been easy on me.. –“
well now, since it’s October already, I hope things are getting easier.. because I feel like all this assignments, mid test, tasks and deadlines are killing me slowly.

Got to say A LOT of things happened. A LOT. I joined the ADC (Atmajaya Debating Club) and starting feeling annoyed by A’s mumble like “well, since you’re in the debating club…” or “now you got a little annoying since you’re in debating club” and so on. OH PLEASE. HELL-O. Debating club SHARPENING my logical and critical thinking. NOT changing me into an annoying person who sees EVERYTHING logically. I’m gonna smack A down next time he spoke like that again. Otjer than that, this club is AMAZINGLY UNEXPECTEDLY EXTRA FUN!!. Where were I these past two years?? I should’ve joined this club from my first smester and save my butt from suffering with this arguments-logical-communicating skill in Psychology. Gee.
But it’s okay folks, it’s still fun and I met some nice people around. Oh, and I met someone whose appearance and style resembles A sooo much at the inaguration camp at Anyer. I was literally shocked the moment this peculiar guy entered the room. sort of thinking my boyfriend lost his mind and found me there or my  mind played trick on me becoz i miss him a lot. Turns out hat two options were wrong. So this guy WAS NOT A, and my mind WAS NOT playing tricks on me either. He just RESEMBLES A so much. His way of talking and how he laughs, his jokes and his cheerful smile, i don’t know two different people could resembles each other so much. Later on when ME AND A (i forced him) checked on his FB (God, I beg You for not letting this guy read my post–or if he does, hopefully he doesn’t realize it’s him i’m talking about) we found more similiarities to A on this guy. Like he’s a guitarist and his style (especially his hair) represents A so much forced us to drop our jaws. Even A looked surprised, I think. I wonder if there’s someone out there who resembles me too. 😛

………and…. i’m applying for a scholarship. (pray for me, folks). the scholarship required a reference letter from a faculty member where you were registered as a student, and preferrably from your English teacher. so I went to my academic advisor, Bu Ber and asked her about this. Because there is NO WAY I could ask my English teacher to write a reference letter for me. she barely even knows me. perhaps she doesn’t even remember i was her student. Then Bu Ber wanted to hear me talking in English so we did the rest of the conversation in English. She said it was “acceptable” whatever did she mean with that and she looked more than willing to write me the letter. smooch for you Bu Ber… 😀
then I just picked my TOEFL score today and literally shocked with the score.. it’s not a very high score, but it’s stil exceeded my expectation. So I just sit there at the office and feel like “Whaaat thee….—–” for at least 10 minutes before i realized i need to get back home as soon as possible to start workin on my essays. I…… really thanked God for the score. Because i really doubted the score before. I MISSED 7 questions on Structure and Written English section. The test was paper based, that means I have to circle black my answer with 2B pencils, which takes like FOREVER to fill all the questions. So when I scored fine, I was definitely surprised. And thankful of course. If it wasn’t God who helped me out, I wouldn’t get this score. Yaay..! ;P

i also sent  a short story to Pena dan Cerita as one of their requirements to be a freelance contributor on the site. The site provides you with short stories from various author and mostly are very good to read. Most of them writeen in Indonesian but a few are also written in English. So  check the site out when you have the time folks… Other than that, I found this community called Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) and registered my name as a volunteer. They covered the area of “NO DRUGS” for young people. I think it’s fun, happy and cool to join their activities so I registered my name. You can also do the same thing by visiting their site. So… you can say I spent my September (and half October) applying for this and that which is a boit exhausting, but I must say I DO enjoy this and have a pretty much fun along the process.. ;D

next issue, I miss Wiramihardja a lot. it’s been like weeks since we last talked and he didn’t reply my emails. Even when i told him i’m applying for a scholarship, it took around two days before that one busy boy replied my mail. It’s not just like him. Usually he’ll drop me a text immediately if i’m saying important things like applying a scholarship. So I hope he’s okay, coz i miss my neutralizer, a friend to talk to and happy and joyful time skype-ing or something. He’s extremely busy but strange I don’t know what he’s doing that makes him THAT busy. When he was taking his undergraduate school, i still following his movements. He even sent me one of his tasks and asked me to help. But now… i almost know……….. nothing. and i’m sad. i missed my bestfriend…

i think i’m just gonna mail him once again tonight and go to sleep.
it’s late and i’m sleepy. see you around folks…
i still have like ten thousand things to share, but maybe not tonight.
Good nite all, kisses from the stars.
🙂 🙂

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