I’m Amazing Just the Way I am


Oh i welcome this fabolous 2011 new year wift a tremendous happy feeling!
Well first of all there are these cakes and pudding and biscuits and (did i say pudding? i love pudding. yum yum.. 😛 ) and chocolates and soda and coconut ice with cocktails and you name it! 😛 😛 this year i got A LOT of fireworks here and there, by 12 am it’s like the WHOLE complex got out of their houses and threw the fireworks and…. as i watched and played, it felt…. great. really. at first i thought this gonna be so lame and dull new year’s ve since we’re staying at home… but the atmosphere was so warm and i watched so many fireworks, and there are so many laughs here and there … and i managed to set up some new resolutions and was hoping i would accomplish them in the coming year!
So here’s my resolution!

Rey’s To Do List This Year
1. To be a better J’s disciples, and leaning closer to HIM, and finding more surprises and blessings and finding HIM bigger in my heart.

2. To be a better girlfriend for A, a more easy going one, a deeper understanding, a better supporter, wise with words and emotion.

3. To be a better friend for my precious besties out there. To be a comfortable shelter for Jude, Tyaz, Fly, Aloince, Rinane, Bombina, Dee and for Wiramiharja, wherever he is.

4. I wanna be ON TIME! And, please, please, reduce that last-minute habit of mine! It’s 2011, for goodness’ sake.

5. I so have to start saving money. For everything.

6. To Vietnam with Jude! More saving. ouch.

7. Massive hair make over! nyaa….~

8. I want that scholarship to Japan. Yum.

9. To be more organized, neat (Jude please dont pass out), and discipline!

10. And at last, to stay true to myself wherever these resolutions and the efforts to accomplished them take me, to stand for what i believe and what i dream for, coz i’m amazing just the way i am!

Have a fabolous New Year, folks!

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