Exploring Till Drop

This is the year of exploringggg!!! *raising hand to the air*

*feel stupid 10 sec later…*
okay, so i declare this “Explore Till Drop” theme for my 2011 year. Exploring more food, exploring more places (OMG. VIETNAM.), exploring more language (French, Deutsch, Spanish. Yum Yum. It’s nice to know how to say, “Hi, I’m Rey. I’m currently feeling so happy and great and i want you to share the joy of life too!” in like 3 different languages.), exploring more activities activities (volunteering, establishing a nice “smart house” (spoil the detail later), wusu, aikido, capoeira), exploring my hobbies (writing, photographing, drawing, ice skating, piano playing, er, sleeping) and so many more! Of course those things i listed were only example of things i might want to try.
so yeah, i’m kinda excited with this new year atmosphere and determined to make it a better year from the other years passed.
And, even if I know things will NEVER ever run smoothly in my life, I have this good feeling that this could be a really amazing year.
I wish you all also a lovely, warm and better year!
and hail to McD! seriously, they put the PROSPERITY BURGER back on. Yeah i know it’s part of welcoming the Chinese New Year (yippiee yaaay!) and will only last for maybe a month (buuu….~), but that’s like the BEST burger innovation they have ever made. I will pass Big Mac for this one. Slurrrpp.
i’ll see ya around folks.

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