It’s Called "FALLING"

I wonder why we fell in love. For an obvious reason, it’s called “falling”, which assuring you of the “pain” it’s inflicted. But it’s the kind of pain everybody loves. it’s the kind of hurt sensation people are searching for.
I wonder then, for what? Finding your “right” person looks like an endless quest, or is the “right” person does really exist?or do we think “right” person exists because everybody else think he does exist?
that’s a lot of “exist” word I’m using. xD

I think, falling in love does bring a nice feeling. But everytime you fell in love, chances are you’re going to be with that person forever, or someday you’ll realize this is not working and you’ve been hurting yourself or your partner’s heart. Either way, both those chances inflicted “pain” as a result of “falling” and we still then challenge our selves to keep falling in love. to keep falling in love to the person you sure you’ll end up with forever or to keep trying and fall in love again with someone else, who’s maybe, just maybe, is finally your soulmate.

Sometimes i think it’s kinda……… stupid.
but to fall in love is such a long journey and men have proven the power of love in various situation. the power of love brings Peter Pan back to “life” even if he knew Wendy must left. Even if he knew Wendy’s choice was different. the power of love let Landon stays around Jammie Sullivan and keep his “walk to remember” routine even after years of Jammie’s past. the power of love keep Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore stays strong together, even when the whole world goes against them. and the list will go on and on.

But then, i still havent found the very reason why do we fell in love. do we have to? if we believe that it’s no more than a way of hurting yourself, could we choose not to fell in love? or would we just “fell” without any warning, any insight, and any prevention?

Sometimes i think, maybe because the thrill. the thrill that at the beginning of the journey, we don’t know yet how it was gonna end. If i was an alien and i’m studying the life of human being, i would dearly stated that mankind should’ve been well-known for their capability and willingness to hurt themselves, and they refer that as “love”.

So, what do you think? What is your reason to fall in love?

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