7 Reasons Why I am a TOTAL FREAK

7 Reasons Why I am a TOTAL FREAK:
1. I bite my friend when i got too excited. Mostly Aloince is my victim. LOL. I’m such a freak.

2. After having a meal, I clean the table, arrange the empty plates and forks, and spoons and knifes and chopsticks, empty glasses and mop the table once again where I eat. EVERYWHERE. Home, restaurants, campus. I feel something’s not right when I don’t do this, strange enough, usually I do this unconsciously until someone literally ask me what the hell am I doing. See? Totally freak.

3. I fly to the other world when I’m reading something and you cant distract or call me unless you tap my shoulder and call my name. Another proof how freak I am.

4. I hate it when someone I don’t really know called me with my full first name. I prefer them call me with my aliases which makes me looks like a freak because everyone should feel normal when people they dont really know called them with first name and be mad when they called you with private names or aliases.

5. I’m learning three different languages, want to learn seven more and feel even more curious with another 5 languages.

6. I have a freaky scary “gift” of seeing something in my dream, and to make it even freakier, it is usually about someone I dont really know in real life. In such cases, I couldn’t do anything to warn them because it will look freaky if I come to them and say, “Hi. How are you? I dreamed about you last night. Not so good. so be careful, okay? watch your step and be wise. have a nice day.”
Helloooo… who on earth would believe in that??
7. I still feel happy with myself even if I think I am a freak and tough complaining about those reasons, I’m happy the way I am and even grateful. then that makes me sounds even freakier.

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