Another Way Around

I am SO VERY GOOD at embarrassing myself.

GOSH. Can I enlist that as A TALENT? EMBARRASSING myself??
so i follow my guts and for the first time i tell my acquaintance (i need to stop reminding myself he IS ONLY an acquaintance) about my bizarre gift and dream.

it’s not like he’s laughing on me or what, but i still feel so very not comfortable upon talking about this thing. but yet i feel a bigger urge to tell him and this is also in order to clear images of him being stabbed and all from my head. i already have plenty and too much other things to worry about and i dont need any other abstract thing to make it more complicated, specifically a bizarre and terrifying dreams.

oh, whatever.

i told him and to be honest, i kinda expected that i would feel relieved. comfortable. free of burden. not so scared and worried anymore. but in contrary, i feel……………………………..
so much worse. i feel even freakier. great.

…..well at least that thought doesnt last long. in a couple hour a slow warm and “this will be all right” feeling crawled into my heart. and then I realized that Jude was right. My part is to remind him to be always on guard, to keep his eyes on his steps, and to be wise in deciding things. That is my part and my part does not include FEAR of being such a freak, WORRY about what he might’ve think or might’ve tell people around him or EMBARRASSED of myself. I’ve done my job quite well. As for him, whether or not he took my advice i have nothing to do with that.

Another updates, Aloince is cracking her head off with her undergraduate thesis. Bom2 and I should be joining her in the messy final project of undergraduate degree but it seems we will be postponing it for another semester. Considering the still-running-classes this semester I don’t know if I had any space for thesis, and thing like thesis needs MORE than a regular space in my head. But I’m supporting Aloince along her way and will be more than willing should she needs any support.

My classes are very fun this semester. So far I enjoy Clinical Diagnostic and Health Psychology soo verry mucchh and considering the expertise of the lecturers I could not ask for more. As for the other classes, well… let’s just see how they go this week… 🙂 🙂

so i think that’s all for now.
good night folks, and whatever you are gonna do today or tomorrow, good luck!
kisses from the stars.

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