Winding Road to a Dream Comes True

Super honestly, i am quite pissed off right now. To think about it, i almost never write the blog in a state of………… dont-touch-me-i’ll-bite-you-in-a-second. But figures that writing has always been my sanctuary so i think why dont i try to write things here.
I dont really want to talk about what upsets me so bad, so i think we can talk about some things worth to write and seriously more important than talking about the thing – or specifically the human being that being so damn selfish and careless and so ungrateful. Something more exciting like……… remember my post around early January? It’s called “I’m Amazing Just the Way I am“? It’s okay if you dont remember or havent read it yet. 😀
In short, in that post I wrote about my 2011 resolution and since I havent been updating the blog for like forever, this would be the right place to start filling you in with updates of my life.

Update #1
Winding Road to a Dream Comes True

My 8th point in 10 resolutions of year 2011 is………….. Capture that scholarship to Japan.
and good gracious I got it!!! Praise be to the Lord because it was HIM who gave this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to step in the holy land of Japan. *crying*

this is JAPAN people. JAPAN. to tell you the truth, to this day i still believe that this is not real. This must be some kind of a dream or a not-so-good fairy godmother is playing tricks and spell on me that when i finally BELIEVE this was true, I’ll wake up and find myself daydreaming in my class. AGAIN.

But if this is really just a dream, then it is one of the sweeeetessst dream i ever got.

For real guys, I’ll be spending ONE YEAR in Japan. My departure is scheduled on August 30th and I shall come back here early August next year. This is an exchange student program from my home university with Kanda Gaigo Daigaku in Chiba, Japan.In English it simply called KUIS – Kanda University of International Studies. I searched for some pictures in the web and find that most likely the place where I’ll be studying language, history, cultures and Japanese literature would look like this:

I think it’s pretty amazing!! And I am really super excited, nervous, happy, worry all in the same time. I was already informed that in Japan I’ll be staying in a campus dorm, with another international students.My senior said that there were a lot of international students from different places bringing different cultures like Brazil, Mexico, UK, Korea and so on and i was just cant wait to experience those myself.
The campus is located in Chiba. It was not far from Tokyo, approximately 40 km from the heart of Tokyo, which makes it still in the same district with the country’s capital, the Kanto District. The city was famous for its sunset view and its longest monorail in the world as noted by the Guinness Book of World Record. Now that’s a WOW. Here is the picture of the monorail:

image from here

they also have beautiful parks that actually……. have nothing out of ordinary but really are nice places to visit when the Sakura flowers are blooming around Spring. The photographs on your left was taken from here. It was Autumn, I think, almost in winter, and those are Gingko trees you’re seeing. 😀

My seniors told me that Chiba is pretty an interesting city, and it is actually quite near from everywhere. The transportation access were excellent and they say I have options to choose on how will I travel around the city. I of course looking forward to see those amazing places i’ve been dreaming on visiting and I really cant say how this blessing is………… really unbelievable.

You know guys, beyond this happy and excited and thankful, I also feel……. a strange sadness inside.
I’ll be away from people I love. From my mum and my brothers. from Jude. from Hoseki.
from the girls at campus. I love them, i really do. And to think that I’ll be away from them……… it’s kinda a torturing feeling you know. People keep talking on using YM! MSN, Skype, and everything and there a million ways of communicating with them. But still……… to have them by my side for real is soo much different from having them by internet and phone calls.

The more it gets closer to my departure the more anxious i am. or should i say i’m actually…………… really sad. I’ll miss A too. altough it’s not really good in romantic way for us, i still think he is a very nice bestfriend. and it is comforting somehow to think that should anything goes wrong, he’s just a block away from me.
And Jude? man, really. FOR REAL. WHAT am i gonna do without her around? Through things she’s been with me to knock off some sense into my head, to be there always and always and to LITERALLY be there when i got lost somewhere in Jakarta. 😀 😀 ahahaha..
My girls will (hopefully) graduating by April 2012. First of all, I wont be around to share their happiness. the thing after that, I wont be graduating with them either. that’s actually kinda……. sad, really.
and i’ll miss my everyday things with every one of them. I’ll miss Aloince, Bumbi, Rinane and Cindy’s laughs, I’ll miss their silly stories and the way they keep me happy everyday.
I’ll miss my brainstorming session with Jude, I’ll miss our little chit-chat for not-so-important things, I’ll miss us being crazy singing this and that……….
I’ll miss my refreshing time with Hoseki. I’ll miss those times we were dreaming together and promise we’ll support each other along the way. I’ll miss our own quality time when we tell our stories. I’ll……………..

I will miss them.

For sure I’ll be saying that postponing my studies at campus for a year will be WORTH the experience and excitement in Japan, but also for sure, I’ll be saying that it’s not worth one year of precious times i’ll lost with my besties and family……….

but life is full of choices. and choice has been made… I’m not choosing either side. I choose both of them. I choose to enjoy my time in Japan as well as maintaining the friendship between me, my family and my precious besties. After all, having been bestfriend with Kevin across the sea for almost 8 years, I believe there are TONS of things friendship could do across the ocean.

beside, didnt i say it? Friendship like me to Jude, me to my girls at campus, me to Hoseki, it is a kind of bond than bind you to death. It has nothing to do with where we are. Because friendship stays in the heart… 🙂 🙂

So much for an update guys.. I’ll be back with another updates. Dont want to get you bored reading a too long post. Have a good day everyone!

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