Peri Air dan Pangeran Salju

I’ve just posted my first story to Lukisan Kata. It’s called Peri Air dan Pangeran Salju. It’s in Indonesian and if you feel like it, just hopped on to the blog and read the story of Eric and Kate.

It’s been pretty a while since i wrote a story and i feel happy upon finishing the project. I miss writing for Pena dan Cerita, though. It’s been pretty a while and i guess all of the contributors are pretty busy to write right now. *sad*

alas, when i wrote the story for Lukisan Kata, a.k.a. this morning, i was really happy! The exams are going to be over soon and i hope that means holiday and holiday means fun and fun means fun again!

i think Peri Air dan Pangeran Salju is pretty a cheesy story, but i kinda feel that it happened all the time. here and there, now and back then.. so although actually it was not my very own personal experience, i am glad i’m done with the story and i hope people can at least smile while reading it. 😀

i put two or three words of Germany, out of my own curiosity on learning languages, i really like Austria and the idea of spending a week or two of holiday in there. 😀

that is all, folks. i just dropped by to let you all know that i am really happy and feel blessed today.
you too, go out there and have a super day!

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