Learn Harder, Work Harder, Play the Hardest!

Aaaaaaaa……………. *screaming real hard*

guys i’m officially blogging from Japan, from my very own dorm. *clapping hands*
okay then, first, i dont really have SO MUCH time right now to surfing the internet, playing facebook, writing emails, blogging or updating twitter. They make us so very busy with almost EVERYTHING and by the time we had a chance like an hour or so to get online, most likely we are all so worn out, and sometime i feel that it is so cruel because I NEED to contact like everyone important in my life and i just cant do that.

my okaasan (“mother” of the dorm) is very strict with rules and she got like ten thousand rules. everything is ruled, some of them are really annoying. for example, i have to separate trashes in 4 groups!
1. the ones you could burn : paper, tissue, paper cup, food leftovers blah blah blah
2. the ones you shouldnt and actually couldnt burn: hairdryer (seriously), electronic cables blah blah blah
3. the ones you could recycle : boxes, like for milk, juice etc. you have to literally open them, so they dont look like boxes anymore but you have keep them whole, safe and unharmed. geez. everything in Japan is complicated in my eyes.
4. pet bottle, you have to separate the cap in another bin, and then press the bottle untill it;s very thin before you throw it to the bin. see? see why i said everything is complicated?

i was: WHAAAAATTT?? Now it took me like 5 minutes to throw thrashes, to figure out where they belong and to figure out the writings in each bin. geeee.. -________-“
people who doesnt really used to rules, people like those who came from Indonesia, people like me had a hard time to adjust to this. I considered myself pretty law-abiding, and respect nature, for example like i’ve been always try to throw thrashes at trash bin but……………………………………
Singapore is no match for Japan in rules department, seriously. Japan is a country of rules. too much rules.
okaasan spent literally 9 HOURS to explain dorm rules. For Albus Dumbledore’s sake! it started 9 am today and ended 6 pm!! oh. my. beard. *i dont have beard, of course. (laughing)*

in my second day, August 31st, they ask us to come to the university (which was AMAAAZING.) and we had to bring our passport. Okaasan has been telling us repeatedly to bring our passport and then morning comes and we go together to our uni………………………………
i FORGOT to bring my passport. what…the…….. how could I remember to bring my PSP but forget to bring the only one identification means i have…????
That is SO me. bring all other UNIMPORTANT but necessary items and leave the IMPORTANT and necessary ones. I mean, hello, i’m a foreigner. how could i left my passport home…? so i ran back to dorm and take it and feel so… ridiculous.

but my uni was really sugoi (cool)!! super super uber cool! they have a gym, free for student (imagining Aloince’s face when she heard this), three cafetarias, media center (which looks realllyyyy cool. they have all these computers, imac, laptops with headphones and everything.) then there ae speaking rooms, rooms designated specially for using skype, YM! and etc, they also have library that is VERY big and COMFORTABLE, and they have gardens where students could eat.

my uni also have a cultural center, which is beyond my imagination. they have one floor assigned for student to learn the diversity in the world and witness each countries’ culture. they have a miniature of houses (Indonesia took Bali’s) which you can really enter, and there are chairs and tables where you can read, chat with a native and learn anything you want about the country. they have collection of books in each of the country’s native language! i’ve seen Harry Potter’s collection in various languages now. that is totally cool..!! they also have custom clothes and you can actually try it on, but the uni was actually in summer holiday so we can only look and weep. ahahahaa.. i’ll try to update some pictures soon so you guys could see it. but really, you should see it with your own eyes. because it’s really really cool!

They also have a very unique way to buy food in the cafeteria. all you have to do is to enter money into a vending machine, and then you have to choose by pressing buttons with food names and prices there. after that the machine will give you a paper with the name of the food you choose. if it was like 350 yen and you pay with 500 yen, the machine will give you your change. After this you go to the seller in the back of the cafe and you gave him the paper and then….. ta daaaa..! your food is done! hurraaay!
you could have tap water for free (but it tasted a bit funny there.. at my dorm it’s delicious) and if you prefer to but bottled drink you have soo many choices in the vending machine.

so i guess if you are a law abiding citizen, clean and neat, and you speak Japanese well then life is great here. everything is interesting. but since i dont speak Japanese THAT well, it is kinda hard to live here. I spent like 5 minutes to buy a bread, just because i need longer times to read what bread is it i actually holding. and it goes for jam and rice and chocolate and snacks and sausages, and beef and on and on and on……

that is the hard part. here comes the hardest: I MISS INDONESIA. i miss my family, my mum, my brothers,my dog. I miss Aloince, Rinane, Dee, Bumbi, Veli and Dhani so bad. I miss Jude and Hoseki. i miss them. everyday when night comes i would stand in my room and look around and feel so horrible. i feel so alone. when i open my eyes in the morning, i will wish that i was back in Jakarta…..
i know that i should stop doing this, feeling lonely and all. i need to stop calling this place “dorm”. it is “home”now. i have to start considering people here are all my family, my brothers and sisters, my father and mother….. but it comes very hard in the morning… really. sometime i just want to lay in bed and hoping that when i open my eyes, i am not here. because here, i sounded like a dumb fool idiot child who cant do anything without help and when i do ask for help, i cant make people understand what i’m saying. and because i dont understand either what they are saying, i guess they start to stop talking to me, which is totally sad because i dont mind just listening to them. i believe that someday i will understand what they’re saying. i wish people dont top talking, i wish they knew that even if i dont understand a single word they say, i do want to learn.

other than that, everything is really amazing and interesting. i find new things everyday, and i learn so many new words everyday, and i see different cultures and people and habits and languages and point of view and i am happy. i want to study even harder so that i would finally understand what people are saying and i could engage in the conversation with them and be myself here.

wish me luck!

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