Nikkou: Kegon no Taki

Hello again everyone!! 😀

Time went so fast and it’s been almost two months here in Japan. I’m still struggling with the language but people around me make it really fun to learn. I had nice teachers who showed me how much they wanted to help us learn. I had nice friends who supports me, reminding me of home works and tests and we learn together and I’m really really happy.
So, as most school in Japan, my campus hosted a school trip for us and we went to Nikkou two days ago. It was good for them, because plenty of us have been planning to launch an attack to the headmaster of KANDA because they keep cutting off our holidays. It was literally NATIONAL holiday in Japan and they forced us to come in and attend classes. xD xD

The trip was planned by the level 4 students (I’m in level 1, please stop asking that. Mwahahaha.. 😀 :D), with votes from everyone in Bekka.We were offered the choices of going to Yokohama, Nikkou or Mount Fuji. The vote goes for Nikkou (yaaaay!!).
There was a waterfall named Kegon no taki (taki is the Japanese word for waterfall) and it was one of three most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. And I could not agree more. The view was simply breathtaking, beautiful, peaceful and I really cant take my eyes off the bea

uty of the waterfall and the surroundings area.

See? This was BEAUTIFUL.
It was only because of this stupid traffic jam that we were running so late of schedule and we spent only so little time here. My two senseis, Tokunaga Sensei and Takeda Sensei nearly had to drag me. Because, don’t blame me, but witnessing God’s painting on this mountaino
us area is WAY TOO amazing. You can not just stand there for 15 minutes and then leave! It was…….. magnificently beautiful.
it was Aki (autumn) already here in Japan and the leaves is starting to change color. they made beautiful gradation of yellow, faded green, red and orange on the mountain, on the waterfall’s surrounding and everywhere in the streets of Nikkou. It was rather cold out theere but I enjoyed myself so much there. It was so beautiful and peaceful and i think i’m running out of
words to describe how………. splendid it was in Nikkou. I closed my eyes and i could smell the leaves, felt the wind playing softly with my hair, heard the sound of the water and c
ompletely lost myself, blending in with the surroundings.

……………..and that was exactly when Takeda sensei called on me and laughed and said i was so slow. I was, well, i really couldnt speak Japanese that good but by that time I really wanted to
tell him that you cant bring someone to a place like this, take photographs in ten to fifteen minutes then urged her to leave right away. It was a TORTURE, seriously, to leave that place so fast. Well it wasn’t at all his fault, I understand, but i wish.. really wished we could stay longer.
Speaking of Takeda sensei, he was my Enshuu class teacher. He was very very very nice to us and his classes were always interesting. Never did I feel sleepy nor bored each time I attend his classes. He was cheerful and passionate and was very kind and patient, attentive and tried his best to understand his students.
That morning he sat near our meeting point at the campus, and, well maybe i was just really sleepy that i almost mistaken him as a student..!
Hahahahaha… It was because he wasn’t wearing shirts and he took off his glasses, he didin’t look
like a teacher at all. At least 3 of my friends had the same reaction with me when they looked at him. Their reaction (in different time) could be something like this:
“OMG. Is THAT your sensei, seriously?”
“Whoa! Rey! He is DIFFERENT.”
“He’s a sensei? No way you’re kidding me!”
I was just laughing. Thank God i was so sleepy that i didn’t
greet everyone like i used to do everyday, or else i could go and say things like, “Hey, good
morning! we’re going to nikkou, aint you feel so excited about this?” to Takeda Sensei which literally not polite at all.
So can you guess which one is he in this photograph?
So then, we took so many photographs and by the time i got back to the dorm i was really happy when i saw the photographs.

This is me and Nayara. She came from Brazil and we are in the same level and classes in KANDA. I LOVE her soo much! She teaches me a lot of Portuguese and she is the kind of friend who always makes you feel good whenever you are togeth

This is me with Estela, Nayara, Leandro and Maru-senpai. I’ve been really good friends with Stel, Nay and Leandro and i HEART them so much. Being Brazilians, they were all very attentive and caring and value togetherness and they are very nice,
open and they were so very friendly. It was great to meet them and I am really happy.

So that concludes my trip to Kegon no Taki, a place where for the first time in Japan, i feel so much back in touch with nature and i was really really happy. For you who someday visit Japan, please make sure you stop by Nikkou, and see this waterfall.

I really need some sleep right now and I hope you guys have a good night. Kisses from the stars! Hug your loved ones tonight! I’ll see you all soon. :3

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