Dear Friend

Dear friend,

I know more than anyone else how scared you are. I know that in each day you would wish you still can go to a new place all along together with your friends. And I know saying goodbye never get any easier and I know you have been wondering when you will ever see us again.
I know that learning language is hard. I know you would choose not to endure that if you could. Or, you would bargain that it will be not a problem if only you could take us all with you and learn together.
I know theses is difficult and you have to give it your all and sometimes you just want to quit when even your “all” is not good enough. I know your Academic Advisor acts like he does not understand at all the condition you are faced with.
I know you love your dad so much and you dont want to make him worried, not when he needs your full support right now.
I know you hate to realize that you are going to be so faraway from your closest friends and your most comfort zone.
I know, that this time you have no idea how long it will take before we could see each other again.

…..You are more experienced than i ever was in this kind of thing. But I do think that God let me go first so that I could fully understand what you feel. And it ain’t easy, to be so very far from people you are so used to share your days. From people’s laugh you always hear every single day. From people’s smile and stories and hugs you always see and got everyday. It ain’t easy and it will take a long time before you finally get used to it.

Me, I so easily got lonely here. I really can not say that I am already get used to be far from you girls. I dont think I ever will get used to that.
But I met amazing people who teach me amazing things. I was given the opportunity to learn more about life, even if for me, it is more like the hard way to do it. I learn to grow. And I learn to value friendship more than ever.

At least there will be your family with you. And your heart will stay with us forever and our hearts will go with you forever. Believe me, my dear, there are certain connections that let you know your best friend is in trouble and need your help. That connection show you that no matter how far you go, you will never be forgotten.

I know exactly how you fear to be forgotten because i was there in that place. I have been there and I know nothing other people say will fully assure you that you will not. But I will not forget you in any way. You know there is this magic people called “internet” and there is this magic i called “bound”. We have been through so many things together, we share the good in life and we share the bad things. and we still do it, don’t we? Sure, time sometimes prevent us to do so. Sure, the place you are heading to is like on the other pole of the earth from here and sure skype-ing maybe become even harder. But dont you forget that as long as you believe we will always be together. Some says that the core of a friendship is you dont need to talk that much. We are connected to each other and I do believe that someday we will meet again. We will definitely find each other again.
Let’s see the other part of the world together. Let’s visit world’s amazing places every year! Let’s make a travel plan! Let’s send a shared scrapbook. Let’s pray for each other every night. Let’s study and work as good as we can do and let’s meet up after that.

My dear friend,
whenever you are in doubt, just believe that true friendship always, always, always stays in your heart. we will never be away.
Sometimes letting things out of control is okay. Then you can see from the outside and slowly take your control back. Fill your thoughts with positive things, sings out your heart and dont worry too much.

It is okay to be scared, just don’t let it rule your heart, your mind and your days.

I believe amazing days line up in front of us. We might walk different paths in different places, but we are housed under the same sky and step under the same planet. We can’t be that far, can we?

stay strong there, stay strong. and have faith. You will be all right.

Love and prayer,
Your friend

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