Fall for 700 Times, Rise Up for 701 Times!

It’s a bit slow (ahem), I know. I’m sorry about that folks. You cant believe how many things and works I so have to do by the time I was home in Chiba. There are final tests and reports waiting, and a lot of things to do and I found it really really hard to update the blog. The stories I want to share now is like a mountain of stories and seriously I dont know where to start. Mwahahahahahha….

Well since there is still a New Year atmosphere around I’ll start with my resolution this year. Speaking of resolution, for me new year’s resolution is not a mere trend I followed because everyone else doing it. For me a resolution is like a…. a spirit booster! It contains my determination to reach what I wanted to. Yet, I cant deny that life is too much full of surprises, and sometimes it leads me to places that is totally out of my expectation. 😀

Last year, i wrote my new year’s resolution like this:

1. To be a better J’s disciples, and leaning closer to HIM, and finding more surprises and blessings and finding HIM bigger in my heart.
(………….ummmm……. i think i havent succeeded in this one. T.T)

2. To be a better girlfriend for A, a more easy going one, a deeper understanding, a better supporter, wise with words and emotion.
(Uh-huh. Exactly. -.-” we are still good friends, though.)

3. To be a better friend for my precious besties out there. To be a comfortable shelter for Jude, Tyaz, Fly, Aloince, Rinane, Bombina, Dee and for Wiramiharja, wherever he is.
(I do think everyone have closer relationship and stronger bound now. With the fact that i’m away, they are still the same. still crazy friends, still make me feel loved, they are still….. them. 🙂 i do love them.)

4. I wanna be ON TIME! And, please, please, reduce that last-minute habit of mine! It’s 2011, for goodness’ sake.
(WELL………….. not done! ahahahhaa. but improved, since i’ve been in Japan it has been so much better. I really learn to put the discipline even stricter on myself)

5. I so have to start saving money. For everything.
(…. cant say anything about this. I did start saving though, not a regular ones but…….)

6. To Vietnam with Jude! More saving. ouch.
(cancelled, we changed it to local travels: Jogjakarta-Surabaya with additional member: Iin.)

7. Massive hair make over! nyaa….~
(I DID it! Yaaay…~~)

8. I want that scholarship to Japan. Yum.
(This is a total God’s work because there is no way I could get accepted on my own. :3)

9. To be more organized, neat (Jude please dont pass out), and discipline!
(It’s not that PERFECT yet, but I think i’m improved a bit)

10. And at last, to stay true to myself wherever these resolutions and the efforts to accomplished them take me, to stand for what i believe and what i dream for, coz i’m amazing just the way i am!
(i got the chance to do this since Japan is so much different and often i felt like i’m losing my own identity but thanks for helps God sent to me, i think i know now where to stand, and how to stay to be myself).

That’s the last year’s evaluation. By the way, earlier this year, i got a daruma doll from a friend of mine. She is Brazilian, her name is Estela and she bought it at Fushimi Inari, a temple in Kyoto.

Daruma is like………….. it’s something like this:

The picture of the daruma is taken from here

He is said to be a….. rather “cute” duplication of father of Zen Buddhism, the Bodidharma. The tradition is you received this from another people, with both of the daruma’s eyes are blank. Upon receiving this, you think of something, your goal, thing you want to achieve. After deciding that you paint one eye for the daruma. Later when you accomplished your goal, your dream or your wish, you give the daruma another eye and completing his sight. The daruma doll was made in such a way that when you throw him, knock him down or let him fall, he would stand back to his actual position again. This become your spirit, for no matter how many times you fall when you are chasing your dream, you would stand again, and run once again to reach your dreams.
It’s like if you fall 700 times, you rise up 701 times, untill you complete your goal. The daruma doesnt have arms and legs because it pictures the Bodhidharma who lost the use of his own arms and legs after sitting for 9 years in a cave, meditating. Thus, it reminds you to have the same self discipline and positive outlook in reaching your dreams.
This picture of daruma i put here has a kanji character on his chest, and it reads “yume”. “yume” means “dream”. Not every doll has writings in his chest, though.

Anyway, that’s the spirit of daruma and I have painted my daruma‘s eye some time after I got back home from Kyoto. Everytime i see him standing in my desk I am reminded of the wish i painted his eye with and got excited in the morning. :3

So this is my 2012 resolution!

1. To become a better disciple of J
2. To be a better friends for my besties, and to prove to Loince that friendship could go through the ocean.
3. To be more discipline, organized and neat
4. To finish college at Atma Jaya University and get my bachelor’s degree
5. I want to see England and New York
6. Actually, I want to study in New York
7. Travelling to Vietnam and Kamboja with Jude and Iin
8. Go to Larc’en’ciel concerts
9. Participate with organizations that gives me opportunities to do field work and community services. :3
10. Take my youngest brother and mom to travel somewhere they could have total fun and (especially for my brother) where he could learn a lot of new things.

Basically, that’s all. I dont think they are easy to do and if Jude sees this she might be giving me her “flat” look and ask me if I know i dont sound realistic by writing this. hahahhaa… still, these are things I do want to achieve and i’m running to my dreams. So, what about you folks? 🙂 whether you are writing resolution or not, I wish you all have a wonderful year ahead!

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