Spring! Spring! Spring!

Sometimes I feel like several things happened so fast and it almost look like blurry images passing through my days. It seems like I dont even have time to process anything, and to take a step back to look where I am right now and what kind of problems I have dragged myself into.

It feels like the life’s pace is uber fast and I am having a hard time to keep up.

Still, there are a lot of things I know I could enjoy. The Spring semester is starting very soon, like literally next week, and the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) flowers are blooming everywhere, easiest place to see them is at my school and I passed the test to level 2, interpreted as high beginner level with a bunch of interesting new students and few of my old buddies in that class. Our homeroom teacher is Yoshida sensei, who, apparently taught me for a !conversation class (6 credits, like literally every single day for a week) and she was smiling when she saw me.

Maybe this is gonna be a really great great great class! I am going to have my first homeroom class meeting today. Which is actually totally exciting if only we dont have to do an on-the-spot essay writing so that the teacher could help us decide which elective subjects we should take. One of the good news is the Chinese character (Kanji) is now on elective lists so I dont have to take that class if I dont want to. Me he he. *evil laugh*

Still, this essay thing is bothering me so much because I really don’t like test. For real. And seriously. I like studying (ahem) and I like Japanese so much (yes it is true) and I can even bear to get along pretty good with Kanji (*cough*) but I seriously have this bad relationship with test-thing. I just simply dont like it.

The teachers said this is not really a test and that we should just take it easy and it is nothing to worry about, which is so nice of them trying to tell us that but excuse me, we know exactly that this is called a “readiness test” and when you put “test” word behind everything it almost always link directly to disaster for me.

But the spring’s season and the fragrance of flowers everywhere really could distract me from any negative thoughts so i think i’m just going to take it as easy as i could and convinced myself that I go to the university to enjoy Spring, not to do this so-called “readiness test” whatsoever.

So, wherever you are guys, go out there and i’m sure something good will happen to you today.
Will catch you soon and I’ll try my best to fetch those Sakura’s pictures at my school!

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