Move On, then Do One Good Deed a Day, then Be Happy

First of all, Happy New Year, people!! I hope your new year was reflective and fabulous in the same time and your first week of 2013 have many wonderful surprises for you!

So I had a MARVELOUS new year. Most of it accounted on my uncles who brought the whole fireworks you can get in the world to my house.
okay. Exaggerating. But it is true to some point! I think they kind of modify my house to a fireworks station or something. Not that I mind, I love fireworks!! 😀
Then… we had corns and salmons and sausages and chicken satay so….. we had our first barbecue ever as a big family! YAY for those salmonsss!!! Slurrrrp. :9 :9

It was really fun having everyone around. I was in Japan last year, so 2013 was actually the first new year I was home without Dad there. I must say it was…. a mixture of emotions I am not sure I know how to name them. Sensing a little sadness, but also peaceful. It felt a bit lonely, but it was warm. I just thanked God so much that my family was still gather around in new year, and still choosing my house to do it, so it didn’t feel like too much different. My brother was not here though, and that makes it 2 years in a row of celebrating Christmas and new year without him *sigh*.

Ever since I knew what new year was, it was the equality to family time, even when I am all grown up and have, um, had, boyfriend, new year is still family time. So I would most likely to be found chit-chatting around my family in new year and go out celebrate it with friends on January 2nd, er, 3rd, perhaps. So it was disappointing that my brother could not make it here but I know he’s out there for a greater good so I won’t complain.

My family and I prayed and sang together around 30min before 12am, and usually we finished it right on 12am so everyone will literally start screaming “happy new yeaaaar!!” and hugging everyone
*big time rush. there were little, tiny, small people aged 3-5 around. Need to keep an eye not to stumble upon them*
so…. we did. and my uncles and my cousins were just had fun with those amazing fireworks and then i looked at the clock in the kitchen and realized that…… it wasn’t 12am yet. it wasn’t new year yet. technically it was 10 minutes away before midnight.
so i laughed hard and tell everyone the fact that it was still December 31st and for a brief second everyone stopped and stare at me and my uncle asked:

Uncle1: It’s not new year yet?
Me: not yet
Uncle1, Uncle2, Uncle3 and all cousins: WHATT!??
Aunties & my mom: Get over it boys. you spent half of your fireworks stock and it’s not even midnight yet.
Uncles and all cousins: NOOOOO.

But well, everyone was real happy and they looked like they didn’t care it was not new year yet and continue with their “toys” for the next half an hour so i guess we were okay and the fireworks was really cool, it was one of the best i’ve ever seen in my life (probably because everyone was there) so i could say that i closed the year of 2012 around my family once again and it was really amazing and i would not trade it with any other new year’s fun the world can ever offer me with.

so then, the resolution of 2013!!
I think that this year, I realized that my resolutions are actually made of one or two broad concepts, and that the rest of it… they’re actually set of lists of things I want to do. It’s kind of different with last year resolution. I guess to look at it, it’s actually pretty simple. This year, I would want to move on from things I haven’t yet and should have done from long ago. Now, most people probably would attribute it with moving on from brokenhearted in a romantic way, and yes I admit that it’s one of them. But moving on also have this broader meanings of… taking steps, sometimes maybe painful to let go of things i couldn’t have anymore. And to believe that the best is yet to come, in almost all aspects of one’s life. Moving on from mourning of the lost of loved ones, moving on from old love, things like that.

So, moving on. That’s one issue. Next, I would like to do one good deed a day. So far, it’s been amazing. When I am committed to bring something good to other people, to nature, to everything around me, somehow in the end of the day I could always reflect to it. That no matter how hard my day was, there is this tiny piece of goodness I’ve done today, and it could make a big difference in my perspective of how hard my day really was.
So that one is highly recommended. I actually got inspired by her:

Zashiki Warashi

image courtesy of animevice

everybody, meet Zashiki Warashi. She is from Japan, and she is a ghost.
Yep, you read it right. This cute little girl is a ghost. Her name has the meaning of “child” and “room” in it. So basically her name means “child in the room”. It was said that she is “child-like” in nature. She loves to play, sometimes get too excited and do all the mischief little children used to do.
the good thing is, this ghost is a sort of.. nice being. She brings joy and luck to people whose house she’s haunting. It’s been said that all her life both as a human (she was a little kid who died because of unknown sickness) and as a ghost, she always do good things, always strive for making people around her happy. Because of her child-like nature, it is also said that she is visibly seen by little kids who are still innocent. Although on many cases kids don’t report of her presence because they did not realize she was a ghost (her appearance suggested that she was a child also so probably those kids thought that she was a friend of theirs)

I don’t know if she really does exist. But the legend of her being nice to everybody, always do a good deed everyday and wants everybody around her feel happy kind of inspired me to do my second resolution this year. Well, that, and the fact that the world does need some goodness in it.

That would conclude the post of new year resolution! I’ll see you around.
Be nice today, everyone 😛


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