The Good Coffee, and What I’ve Been Up To

These days, I have been reconnected once again with someone from the past. Someone, who for a long time hold my being, my purpose, my dreams.
To think about it, he was the one who called the hard decision. I was simply accepting. I did not understand well that time but was too tired to question.

The only thing that makes me keep thinking is about how different this person has become in the past two years. He just suddenly popped up with different attitude, different way of speaking, different… face. Everything is different. And I feel like, I don’t know this person anymore.

I used to think that there are certain things that are just meant to be. But clearly, that is not the case between me and this person. Still, I think that people who shared some piece of lifetime will remain connected through it. I just dont understand how time could… bring massive changes in someone else’s life.

There are also people around me who warned me about being connected again with this particular person. I understand their good deed. But I wonder, if they too, understand that I need to believe that it was right to follow what my heart says.

But then again. Sometimes the head has to take control of our heart, yeah, yeah.

Well then enough with the sentimental posts! Let’s move on to the happy ones!! Firstly allow me to fill in some updates on what I’ve been up to these days, on my long hiatus (4 months! FOUR months. Forgive me).

The theses. I am trying to working on it as joyfully as I can. I always think that theses should be an exciting project. You know, given that it is the biggest project to sum up your four, five or.. well to sum up your bittersweet university era. It should be your winning project, something you left as a legacy to your university. If you’re lucky enough you can even use it for future reference. But as fun as it seems, it is undoubtedly quite stressful, especially when my good friends are having kind of rough time working on theirs.

So yeah, I have been working on mine for sometime now. I am writing about teenagers that sexually abuse others. Mm-hm. I guess the topic has explain itself clearly. I am writing about the juvenile sex offenders and I want to write about their heart. About what they feel, about what they think why they do what they did, not about what we, as the public, or me as a psychology student think of why they did that.

I hope that by the time I finished my theses, I will understand more and I can help other people to understand more. I hope that the professors who will test me out on theses defense would, for a brief of time, forget that they were there to A-B-C-D-E-me on my papers and presentation, but rather they were there genuinely to listen on what I found in the field. And I hope that they will be the best professors the university can provide me related to the topic, so that maybe, just maybe, what the research found will get to the people who have broader access to use the information, so that the theses in turn will be more useful than just another test I have to sit to get my degree.

The school of Psychology wants everyone to do an internship period before we graduated, just so everyone has a glimpse of idea of how a working life would look like out there. So, I’m currently doing my internship with an international non-governmental organization called ChildFund and I assisted a project officer for Early Childhood Development for two months and then just recently transferred to Child Protection department under the same NGO. 

My work with ECD took me to have a closer look to early childhood education system in Indonesia, and I can’t say that it is a good one. But efforts have been made to improve the system and I got a lot of insight and more things to think about before I went to sleep every night and I’m grateful for the chance given to me to learn. My work with CP still revolved around helping out to translate surveys and documents important for CP work with youth around certain locations, but I think by the end of this month there will be other works to be done too.

Then, I’m also taking part teaching at local children day care, Lovely Sunshine Daycare and assisting their corporate in-house program. The corporate in-house program provides daycare services for parents working in the corresponding offices and they can leave their children attended and well cared for while they’re working. We do exercises and also art and craft classes, games and of course there are plenty of free play times.

I do enjoy the work at Lovely Sunshine! It brings back the memories of working for Wee Pee in Japan. Turns out kids are kids after all, wherever they are. 🙂 Sure it is not an easy job, because you have to be responsible to whatever happen inside the daycare facilities, but the reward of having them learn and play a lot in a manner in which they are enabled to grow maximally way more than if they’re left at home washed away the tiredness after working for 9 hours.

The Coffee (finally *giggle*)
So that’s about all. Oh, oh, oh, and the work at Lovely Sunshine was even more exciting because I’m working with my friends, Dee and Pingkan. It was utterly exciting having them around, knowing that we can count on each other to make sure the daycare runs smoothly everyday. After our training Cindy and I (Pingkan was not there, too bad) was walking to the nearest TransJakarta shelter when we spot this homey coffee shop called The Goedkoop. You maybe can guess from the name, they are a Netherlands-inspired coffee shop, they even wrote their menus in Dutch!

At first Dee was reluctant, but since we really needed a good coffee and a place to sit for a while, we decided to come in. The interior was rather vintage inside, the kind I really liked when I would want to sit for a long time. The staffs were very friendly and greeted us happily. They handed the menu to us and explained that most of the menu was intended to be shared, that is, one portion would be a little bit too big for one person. They have a range of coffee and frappes and toast and pancakes, but since we just ate and was still full, we skipped the ‘share menu’ and I ordered a latte and Cindy ordered some earl grey tea for her and also a plate of poffertjes to bite on.

Food was okay, the latte was delicious. The poffertjes were a little too sweet for me though. And.. well I didnt taste the tea (not a big fan of earl greys) but Cindy was not complaining (which is very rare, since she’s a hard critic on food and drinks) so I’ll guess that the tea was fine too. Hahaha.. 

In my opinion the Goedkoop is a good place but it’s a little bit pricey. I would comeback for their pancakes and their famous Bon Bon Koffie someday, but maybe not in the near time.
But, if you’re curious and have some spare money to spend for coffee, you can visit them here:

The Goedkoop
Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 26, Jakarta
Monday-Friday 10.00 – 22.00
Saturday 07.00 – 23.00
Sunday 07.00 – 18.00

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