The Friends Who Sat With Me Back Then


We only have 2 months left and the year of 2013 will end. It is really amazing what time can do to us, human.

And it is also really amazing to see how people around me really start walking paths of their dreams, go to places they wanted to see and struggling to learn skills and abilities they wanted to master.

Four years ago, I would sat on my Statistic class weeping about why a degree of freedom has so much to do with the shape of a statistical curve or something like that. I would find my girls then, out of frustration, and watch good movies and have some good food and laugh endlessly. 
But now, the very same girls, are running towards their dreams. Some still stumbled here and there, trying to recognize what they really want to do with life. But, they’re moving.

Friends that sat with me on a basketball court at junior high talking about their first kiss experiences or how the 1st period exam was a total nonsense have grown so much, that it is almost hard to believe we were so little back then talking about funny things that were not too funny 9 years ago.. things that meant the world to us… those same people are on their way to be the top managers of an international company. Or on their way to solve unemployment by opening their own business line, on their way to become the best chef in the world, or on their way to open their own restaurant just because they like their life to be that way.

Friends that grow with me through high school have chosen their way too. Some of them are expecting a child, anxious, but happily building a family. Some of them wanted a higher education and thus preparing essays, english tests, and other things they need for a place at Boston while keep working to make sure their hands always find something useful to do. 

It is so amazing, to look around and realized that we…. are so growing up.
We really are, aren’t we?

Me too. I want to run to my dreams too!

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