To a Very Special Place

For what it’s worth telling, this is my first time blogging from an airport! Yaaay.

I guess this will be just a very quick post since I would have to board the airplane in 15 minutes.

So… The original plan was actually to secure my chance to defend my undergrad theses on January which I…. um, failed to do so.
My theses advisor did her best to cheer me up telling me it is not actually a failure. My friends are also being very supportive and Jude reminded me of why I chose that complicated topic since the very beginning. Because I want to tell their story, the juveniles at the correctional facility and surely I can’t rush things to fit on my own timeline.

Of course… this could only be my pathetic attempt to rationalise the actual fact but…..
everyone’s been telling me to leave my theses just for a while and go have fun for Christmas and New Year break and then start everything fresh with my theses. I might as well got inspired much better after this, so that brings me to this trip!

I”ll get to go to a very special place this year.

Will be back for the updates.

I hope you find your Christmas and that New Year will be filled with hope, inspiration and all the good things to become!!

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