I belong to the pure sky and the line of stars on the faraway milky way

Of all my family and relative’s houses, I love my grandparents’ one the most. It is a 2 stories house in a village in Ambon with spacious garden, which my grandma filled with beautiful flowers and her collection of ferns. As far as I can remember, the garden was always  colorful, smelled great and there were no mosquitos around because gran planted some plants that she said was the natural repellent of mosquitos. There’s a big tree by the left corner of the garden and when I was a child, there was a tire swing hanging on that tree. I spent a lot of time there, by that tire swing.

My grandfather said that my middle name was given to me because for some months the flowers around their garden weren’t blooming as usual, and no one knows why. But then on the day I was born, all of the flowers suddenly bloomed in the same time. Grandpa said that he remembered the day as the day when the garden smelled the best. I still can’t figure out whether my grandfather was telling the truth, or if he was just being a very convincing storyteller.

Last Christmas was a full house in my grandparents’ place in Ambon. My aunties, uncles, cousins from all places were there. We laughed, danced, teased each other, chat, and had fun together and it was amazing. Everyone arrived at different times so after three days, we realized we had a problem. There wasn’t enough room and bed for everyone to sleep.. my cousins and I find it pretty funny because since that everyone started to mark their place to sleep. On the couch, on the floor using mattresses, sneaking to my grandparents’ room at night and sleep between them etc. Me, being a nomad, I slept at different spots every night muahahaha. I wasn’t being a nomad alone. One of my cousin, 5 years younger than me turns out to be a nomad himself and we explored all the creative alternative for a sleeping spot every night. Then one day he came with this brilliant idea. On the second floor there’s an open air space looked like a balcony where my grandparents always sit together for afternoon tea. He suggested we slept on that balcony and pretend we were out camping and sleep under the stars.

It was amazing.

I don’t have many starry nights in Jakarta, and when I did, the stars don’t really fill the whole sky, everyone kept saying that it was because of the pollution, the dirty air.
But that night in Ambon, I really slept under the stars. I lay down with my blankets and pillows and looked up and the line of stars… it was a magical view. I think the stars lulled me to sleep that night. Another nice part was waking up. I woke up to the sun rays on my face and the sky got brighter and brighter until it was pure blue and I really enjoyed the view. 

I really love that house.

That, plus a beach behind the house.

I often think that we do have to travel a lot, revisiting old places and trying to go somewhere new too, just to see where you really belong. We could not choose the place where we were born but certainly we can choose to see other places too if we want it.

I still have some posts left about trip to Ambon. But… I will probably have to put in on hold since next week will be the big day of the last exam ever in the university before graduation yaaay. So this week I’ll be concentrating on that and hope to be back with good news. Anyway Jude is starting a new project combining Instagram and music here.  It’s called Anthropoplogy: Music on your feed, I’ve seen her selection and most are new to me and I’m happy about it because she’s broadening my range of knowledge of music. Hahaha.. I’m particularly attached to Zedd and his song “Find You” which is also will be one of the soundtrack for Divergent movie. Give it a try probably you’ll be surprised.

Wish you a happy weekend!
I’m going to lost myself now reading Freud, Adler, Jung, Kelly and everyone else in between :3 

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