"Salamate Lai He Hina Allane"

“Welcome, to the village of Allang”
I visited a quite remote village called Allang on my trip to Ambon back then. The two spots I was dying to see were Tanjung Allang and Pasir Putih Beach. My Ambon-raised cousins volunteered to take me there and I dragged all of my other cousins (the city boys and girls) to come along.
The trip was…………
You know, when they said “no pain no gain”, I believe they were talking about going to Allang. Hahaha.. it was hard to get there, and to have the best view (and possible jumping spot), we have to cut through a forest of some kind.

The bright part of the so-called-forest. Almost felt like doing a Survivor shot of some kind haha..

But, after stumbling here and there, we’re finally there and the view was amazing, it was worth it.

There’s no need to edit this photo, seriously.
Despite its clear and calm appearance, my cousins told me that Tanjung Allang is actually one of the most dangerous areas for ship and boats alike and people need to be really really careful when crossing this beautiful place.

I often find myself wondering, that striking blue colors on the waters, is it the reflection of the sky above? Or is it the sky that mirrors the ocean?

That rocks I’m standing on, they are really really sharp. But to compensate that a little bit, you’ve got these shiny yellow flowers for your eyes. The contrast they brought with the blue ocean and the sky behind was perfect.

On sunny day like this, those yellow colors stand out like no other
yellow yellow on the ground, I don’t wanna look the other way around~

All was well, but I have to remind you though, that in Allang it felt like you have at least two or three suns above your head. It wasn’t just sunny — it was real hot. Like literally you will get an instant sunburn just by standing there without long sleeves / hat / sunblock cream / whatever protection means you can get. So prepare well. And avoid skin cancer.

Lasano-Telussa-Sohilait Dynasty. Consisted of natural adventurers.

Coming into conclusion that staying out in the open in Tanjung Allang any longer will definitely give us premature sunburn even before we arrived at the beach, we decided to leave. The road to the beach was a small road and required us to climb several many stone staircases.

Is that… rock on both side of the road? They are huge.
Staircases. And more staircases. Mm. Love ’em.

When you reach the top of the stairs you could see the green of the forest and the ocean afar. It was quite stunning, although I remembered everyone was sort of short of breath and the hot weather did not help at all. But all in all, I was really happy. Going to this place fulfill my hunger for adventure, my love of running, climbing — physical activities that helps me feel alive. Listening to my own fast heartbeat, feeling the blood rush and sweat and aching muscles, all to be rewarded with beautiful view after we completed the “trial”. 

They should build some sort of flying fox unit in here. Imagine flying from this forest straight to the beach below. I’d climb those stairs all over again to fly more and more.

When we finally reached the Pasir Putih beach (by taking motorbike taxi a.k.a “ojek”) everyone was so excited and kind of forgetting all the climbs and tiring road we walked earlier. The first thing I noticed on this beach is that the kind local people have made a tree swing overlooking the beach in front.

It is not the best tree swing in the world, but it was enough.
the happy team

And then the beach itself? I don’t have any complaint, nope, not a single one. One thing for sure, Ambon is truly blessed with its magnificent beaches. The water, the sand, the reefs, everything that made up a good beach is here. The atmosphere, the natural surroundings, the sounds around you — everything. Sure, they haven’t build the best infrastructure and it can be quite a struggle to reach these places without a local guiding you, but if you’re an explorer and doesn’t mind to get lost a few times, you will love it here.

My cousin’s been teaching me a thing or two about photography and she volunteered as a model. How did I do? 😀
The most beautiful spot on Pasir Putih Beach!
With the burning sun, those waters feel like a whole new level of ‘freshness’

My baby cousin (who’s pictured in red above) told us that she wanted to see the sunset landscape here on the beach. Her wish, unfortunately, has to be put on hold, because look:

The sun was high, and guess what, it was 05.00 pm. So my older cousins reminded us that we still have a long way to go, back to the city of Ambon and there was no way we could wait till the sunset is set. With that in mind, we set off and left the beauty of Pasir Putih Beach. 

I am so glad I came here.

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