5 Minutes Reading: On Human’s Mortality

Allright, let’s face it, people.
Our body wasn’t built to last.
It is designed to wear off as time goes by. Every time we blow our birthday candles, along with all the grateful feelings, we should also realized that we are physically a year older and generally slightly weaker than a year before.

Let’s try this one, shall we?
Think of this: what are the odds that you will die during any day next year? Put a percentage. Do you think there’s 30% chance you will die next year? Or is it 50%? 20%?
Try to imagine that if you, eventually not die in the following year, and the year after, and the year after, and you were asked the same question again, you will probably state a higher percentage compared to the last three years.

Somehow, we know eventually we will die. And yet, we often act as if we were immortals, and so are the others around us, that “tomorrow” will always come for each and everyone of us. Thus, when death casually says hi and took away someone else, often we are caught in surprise, disbelief, and sadly, anger sometimes.

I wonder if the Lord Himself find us humans amusing in this department. The moment we were born we are practically signed a “death contract”, that our life here is time-limited. And it also applies to people around us. They too, have a certain time-frame and the twist is we have no idea when our time or their time will be up.

So today it got me thinking. 

What if, that person you loved so much from afar, the person whose existence means a little something to you, goes to sleep tonight stubbornly don’t know how much you like them, and then just like that, they’re gone the next morning. And you find yourself waking up to the world where they don’t exist anymore. And you remember you promised yourself you would tell them exactly how you feel, but because of this and because of that you just didn’t, and now they are gone forever.

What if, that boss you hate so much (all right you don’t hate them, you just disliked them. Right.), went home tonight not fully realizing why on earth you don’t like her so much, and never came back to the office the next day because her time’s up. You didn’t get to tell her how awful she is in handling things at the office, or how thankful you are for yet another valuable lesson in life you learned: patience, passion, handling difficult people, and a determination to actually be a better boss someday.

What if, you’re not doing all these things you can do, you can say, you don’t hug all these people, and you don’t forgive because you are convinced you still have time tomorrow to figure things out. What if you went to sleep tonight and your time is up?

I’ve heard a saying goes like this, “The gods envy us human for our mortality. Because we don’t have forever, we value life more and we value things and people around us more.” 

We have a limited time, we don’t have all the time in the world so that makes every second counts. Have you make your every second counts?

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