I like you in summer


there’s not much time left,
goodbye has found us again,
as I look into your eyes,
I want to cherish this moment,
even if we don’t say it, we know what we’re thinking about,
I’m going to miss you, don’t worry about me, just hold on

we all know it isn’t easy living without each other,
but we came this far, hold on, hold on, linger on

things are losing its meaning, as I blankly look to the sky,
how long will this last? As I draw you out in the photos,
even if you’re not next to me right now, even if it’s really sad, we have our memories,
I’m going to miss you, just don’t be hurting, just hold on

(Roy Kim)

Tiya, a ton of thanks for this song. A ton of thanks for sharing it with me over baked s’mores that night. I never knew a longing feeling could be gently shared this way. Thank you, a thousand times over, for our friendship.

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