the writer

Hello, hello, nice to see you around!


I’m Rey, or reylasano on Instagram and reylasano (again. ha.) on Twitter. As per updating this page, I have finished my program as a Cultural Representative of Indonesia for Walt Disney World, a role I proudly held for a year since May 2015. It has been a journey of magic and self-discovery, deeper than I have ever imagined.

Currently I’m working in a tech decacorn, crafting words and absorbing everything I can about UX design. I find it enchanting — the intersection of writing, words, business and human behaviour.

As for this blog, one fine day while working a Folklore and Mythology station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, a friend from India was teaching me bits of Hindi. I was so hopelessly intrigued by the beautiful language that I asked her to teach me all sorts of words.

“Aramse,” she would say to me (and me nodding my head way too eagerly and too excitedly) “means, chill dude. Relax.”

Was that her attempt to literally stop me from getting on her nerves by asking this and that and these and those in Hindi, I don’t know. But the word struck me right there right then.

In this ever moving world where I am constantly on the go and although I stubbornly telling my significant others that I am chilling and relaxing at the same time (to which no one ever is in an agreement with me), I realized that sometimes, I need to pause for a little while and look at things from a farther distance and slower pace.

Thus, having importing all my posts from allegre, I’m ready to make araramse my new home. Allegre has been my sanctuary since 2010 and it very much represents my long saga of emerging from childhood, entering pre-teens and teenagers stage until now where I’m standing (half running-half limping, I might say) in early adulthood zone.

Realizing that I too, have been growing up rather clumsily, I thought moving to a new home will symbolize me parting with certain stages of my life while still taking bits of them with me to where I am right now.

That being said, the nature of the blog will stay the same. Writing has always been my safe place. Generally what you will find here are writings based on observation, maybe one-sided assumption, doubts, things I experienced, things I would love to experience, and some idealist, somehow selfish thoughts poured in a long narrative sentences spread all over the blog.

I do enjoy responding to other thoughts too, so drop me you hellos, ideas, provoking thoughts, disagreement, opinion and anything constructive here:

Of course, you can either do that or just leave a trace on comment box under the posts.

When not too busy being weird, writing, reading all day long or plotting on taking over how I can contribute to make the world an even better place, you’ll find me catching some movies, obsessively eating sushi, or laughing over whatever my closest friends decided to text me in the early morning.

Thank you for being here, see you around!

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