Disney CRP Application 101: That Bloody Email…

December 11th, 2014I will never forget this date for the rest of my life. It was Thursday, sunny, and I woke up early at around 05.00 am. Rolling in my bed, I pictured that morning as a perfect morning because: 1) Waking up early means I can hear the birds singing and breathe fresh coldContinue reading “Disney CRP Application 101: That Bloody Email…”

Disney CRP 101: While You Wait

I AM FREAKING OUT!! Can I be excused for freaking out?? My check-in date is May 5th, which is still around 20 days or so from now, but since I’ll leave Indonesia early, then it is just two weeks away before I left. Crazy how time flies! I feel like I haven’t done anything significantContinue reading “Disney CRP 101: While You Wait”

Disney CRP Application 101: Dashboard

Most people I talked to expressed their surprise over the fact that Walt Disney World actually offers job opportunities for Indonesian citizen and so many other countries. While out there a lot of lovely program participants from UK, Germany, Norway, and Canada actively recording their journey through their blogs, indeed it is quite hard toContinue reading “Disney CRP Application 101: Dashboard”

Walt Disney World Cultural Representative Program – Journey Begins

My late father always taught me that in life I can’t only be a spectator,  I have to go run, participate, try things, explore the world and leave a place better than before or else I’ll end up watching my life goes by without actually being part of it. It was such an abstract conceptContinue reading “Walt Disney World Cultural Representative Program – Journey Begins”