Those Islands on the Far East

Ever wonder why you need to take a holiday every once and a while? Here’s some good reasons! 1. Because it is okay to leave your routines, works, e-mails, all works-related once a while and retreat to a beautiful beach with white sands and coconut tree where you can sit leaning to that coconut treeContinue reading “Those Islands on the Far East”

Climb a Mountain, Climb It.

I probably should warn you first that this will be a very long post. Please, bear with me. 😛I knew that Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the world and I am very well aware that we have at least 17,000 islands and almost 7,000 among them are unnamed. Talk about primitive civilization. Yeah.Continue reading “Climb a Mountain, Climb It.”

Namiseom: Music, Nature and Friends

Okay folks, it’s about time already for me to get back in touch writing blog! I miss writing too, seriously. But you can’t ever imagine that although I was quite sure I will be pretty much, um, free since  practically almost everyone that goes at the same school year with me have cleverly graduated, IContinue reading “Namiseom: Music, Nature and Friends”

Inspiring Korea: from a Palace to Shopping Paradise

Hi there everyone. How are you guys doing? I’ve been doing great and having one of my-too-much-energy cycle this week! Basically I’m happy and the most recent reason has to be………….. I watched Jason Mraz’s live concert in Korea!! exactly. the Jason Mraz. and he was awesome. he was. just unbelievable. But I dont wantContinue reading “Inspiring Korea: from a Palace to Shopping Paradise”

English Village in the Mountainous Fukushima

Hey there everyone! I know it has been like ages since the last post. It is quite hard to keep up with the blog since there are million things to do around. Luckily most of those things involving eating super yummy foods, travelling to nice places around and having fun with friends here in Japan.Continue reading “English Village in the Mountainous Fukushima”