Rainy Rainy Rainy

It’s been raining almost everyday now… i love rain. Somehow rain connects me with so many….. chill and warm feelings.. soft sound hissing in my ear… gentle touch… and the smell of wet road and grass, and sometimes you could also smell the wind… and i always ended up finding myself with nose-stick-to-glass in my room’s window… listening to the rain whistling, closing my eyes and feeling so……. so gentle…

really. sometimes rain connects me also with memories. sweet and bitter.. and brings me to rethink of everything happened in my life. things i’ve done, things i havent and things i want to…

it’s been so cold around here, i almost think i was living somewhere higher from Jakarta, like in Puncak or something. 🙂
but it’s perfectly fine. i love the atmosphere around. moreover, it’s always easy to guess whose face came into my mind the moment the sweet rain start tickling the earth…

Published by reylasano

she writes your stories

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