to where you are

Fly me up to where you are beyond the distant stars
I wish upon tonight to see you smile
If only for ɑ while to know you’re there
ɑ breath way’s not far from where you are…

Aloii told me that this beautifully sad song were written for the 9/11 victims.
The song is really sad… Yet I feel it IS ɑ very beautiful song. I feel somehow
It painted ɑ very deep feeling of longing to someone, to somebody…

I just think it reflects ɑ feeling I can’t put to words.
Looks likel Richard Marx and Linda Thompson plus the sexy Josh Groban
have successfully put every drop of tears and feelings I wish I could share..
I love this song.

And the story behind that song too…
I prayed for every victim η their family…
Let’s keep them alive safe and sound beyond our memories and drems.

P.s. Thanx Aloiina ( I love u girl…..

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