Ahem. Thankyou for letting me scream out folks.
so listen, i’ve been running a pretty rough days this whole…half semester at campus. believe it or not, knowing coping strategis as a result of you paying a lot of money into the faculty of Psychology doesnt really help you, if you are a college student, year 2nd, 4th smester, at this campus of crazy lecturer and assignments.

Thanks God i am still alive.
and thanks A, thanks Aloii, Bum2, Rintak, Crystal…. thanks for not letting me booked a room on the nearest local mental hospital.
and thankyou, Mac Taylor.
and you too, Derek Shepherd.

okay enough.. hahahahaha… 😛

This half-semester’s assignment is just CRAZY. I dont know what would happen for our finals, because our lecturers are definitely gonna kill us. they have no mercy, and looks like they have forgotten what “stress” and “out of time” means, considering that their major pleasure is torturing us. Geez,, i miss my 1st semester lecturers.

that’s one problem, here comes the other one. by some weird twist of fate, the computer system separated me from my girls (so we’re in a different class), and, by my stupidity, i didnt change the class when i had the chance to. (STUPID ME). so, i’m stucked in this class, alone, left in the dark and sad.
well, that’s overreacting. the truth is, we were supposed to make a group of two for our mid-exam, and i paired with this friend of mine, and thats when troubles start popping up endlessly. we have a disagreement, we’re not satisfied with each other, and we pretend everything’s fine for the sake of the exam, but undeniably, we grow irritated to each other more and more everyday. for my pleasure, everything ended with she (undeliberately) throw my cellphone to water and soap at the toilet. JUST GREAT. thankyou so much. really, i am mad, of course, but when she tried to explain that she did not do it on purpose, then i think, “okay, okay. everybody messed up sometimes.” but then you would at least expect that someone ask you about your cellphone the next morning, right? right…? some question like, “how is your cellphone? could you switch it on? any damage?” but this foolhead doesnt even ask me about that. way to go, little devil. you’re a very good and responsible girl, God bless you and your life, really. i tried not to curse you, because:

1. that is how i’ve been teached. hold yur tongue for curses, bless people who hurt you.
2. that’s exactly what a princess would do.
be thankful, because otherwise, i would yell curses right in front of your face.

you should think that it is enough for a rough semester. but apparently, life doesnt like it when i’m free of trouble, so it decides to add one more little pain in the ass for me to face. now this one girl is a very good friend of mine. and… she’s getting too comfortable with my boyfriend, and i am tired to write off what exactly ARE the things she did.
truly, i dont sense any threat nor harm from her. i still believe that she is my good friend, so most likely she did all those things that pissed me off  just……… i mean, i believe that she doesnt mean me any harm.
but then, withh her being so……….comfortable, and even sometimes she….she looked like a spoiled brat clinging to A, and i’m like………….speechless. because what am i going to say anyway…?
something like “hey, bestie.. i feel totally annoyed with u being so comfort with my bf. so just behave urself girl, stop acting like a byotch or quit calling me bestfriend.”
that’s a war statement, really. and i dont want any war.

u know what folks. about this cellphone thing, and also this too-comfort thing… i kinda feel like i got a trouble now, in expressing my feelings, my emotion. mostly i would just take a deep breath and hold it still, in silence. from one side, that is really a progress, i used to just BURST out in anger, untill i noticed that you cant do that to everyone. people have their own interpretation when you scream out at someone.

but in the other side i feel like i just…piled up this anger and someday, it would just explode. because i havent yet tell those people that i’m so sick of them, and that’s make me feel uncomfortable with myself.

geez folks, life is so complicated.

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