Supporting You All

Supporting people from behind is not really an easy job.

supporting A whenever he plays his piano in front of public (supporting from behind, like texting him or smiling encouraging him). Why is it hard? because he never looked at me during his performance and/or during his break.
not that i blame him. i actually perhaps would do the same.
still…. -.-“

supporting Jude when she had to visit his ex’s house (supporting OBVIOUSLY from behind, like texting or messaging her on FB). Why is it hard? Because my anxiety level tend to increase, it feels like i am the one who visit my ex’s house.
okay, actually it’s mainly because Judy transforms into a very annoying girl living on earth when she start play “oh?the-visit?-it’s-a-secreeettt….-you-are-dying-to-know-aren’t-you?”
hahahahaa…. 😛

supporting  Wiramihardja in whatever he does, wherever he is. (supporting him was never this hard, because he USED to reply my mails. and he USED to online in chat room. and he USED to mail me n tell me his stories). why is it hard? because he, apparently, have no time to share anything anymore, even on his holiday.
i still feel like a bestie, so i think supporting him in continously must be the best way to support him. But, you know, i feel like i wanna smack him down. 😛
i miss him, actually.

well… things are pretty busy around. things with school (ahem. college. hahahaha…), things with ice-skating (my coach rocks! i love her!), things with my very own pursuit of happiness and everything else. But i must say…. i am happy. and thanks God for that…really…
……….. and for the meantime, i wanna stay happy.

happy long weekend folks..

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