Kisses from the Stars

There are times in life, when you can’t control anything. Like it just happened the way it is. Could not control, could not hold back, could do nothing about it. Simple example? To be fallen in love. Next example? Your closest neighbour move out and you find you have no single neighbour as close as they were (okay. jumping topic, i know. but still….)

see… I lived in a small city, with too much housing complex here and there, and neighbour knew each other but was never that close to remember each other’s names. You could always smile, say “hello”, “good morning”, they could asked you what grade are you in now, or how pretty and big you are-all grown up-now and so on but moments later you will go home thinking hard who in heaven was that. 
But, the moment you step into your house and find your little brother stole your chocolate or your friends too stubborn to stop  texting you, so you would get online ASAP and do like 300 assignments, you would soon forget you were wondering who’s that middle-aged woman in front of your house.

That is kinda sad, remembering we live next to each other almost every single day but you could say we have our own life and very little social interaction took place here. But this very friendly neighbour of mine, they rent a house in front of my house and been living there for like 3 or 4 yrs, I cant remember the exact year. Then, it was something funny because we were just like two families in two different houses. We would send food, cookies, anything that came from each other’s kitchen, we celebrate birthdays, Christmast, New Year together, my brother likes to play with their little daughter, and so on. Uncle Friendly has this big and army-built body and will protect us always. Someone messed up with us, they messed up with him. Auntie Friendly cooks a lot and loves to share…. Little Friendly would always open her house’s fences when I got home and yelled, “Sistaaaaaa…!” like that. Somehow our little “union” kinda make me feel this housing complex still worth to live in because they make it seems alive. Why? Because it supposed to be different from staying at a flat where you hardly know your neighbour and mind your very own bussiness. I don’t see any benefit on staying in a complex when you feel like staying in a flat.

See how they held an important role to keep me in touch with my surroundings at home? And now they move out.
I hate good-byes, when they came over and said good bye it was such a sad moment. They didnt move out that far, like to other planet or country or what. They just move like 1.5 hrs drive from us. But still, to realize that they might not be there to celebrate life’s moments with you, share everything and anything, it feels……….. sad. The most painful one is the fact that you dont know when will you see them again. With our own activities? God knows who would have the chance to visit the other.

I really do hate good-byes. And this one reminds me that………. we sometimes think that people around us will automatically be there tomorrow, like the day before and the day before and the day before that. But they could’ve just gone without we realizing it before…….

I honestly kinda…. feel a little mad everytime people i love and i care about choosing to move out. This has been happening to me from time to time. I got this bad feeling that A might SOMEDAY move out too. And then this housing complex is a ghost town. Zzzzz……. 
I mean, why do people always choose to go when they are clearly fine, safe and comfy here? They might have their own reason, or they may be forced to (the house owner decided to stop renting the house and would just sell it. stupid owner.), but some part of me wanted them to stop this. or someone. so we dont have to say good-bye.

But then……………
We were hugging and crying and hugging again and waving hands and all….. and I soon realize. At some point or the other, separation is always in front of us. Any type of it. To think about the sad part, it would never help us. It would not even bring people back. Like my neighbour, for example. No matter how sad I am, they just have to even if they don’t want to. But, really, having people like that at some time in your life was clearly another gift God granted us through life. Even if now they move out, even if there is no guarantee we will ever see each other ever again, even if now it just seems too lonely, but the good memories stay with you. And would never gone. People like them is another reason to love life, because when you look back, you know you have those magical moments of happiness and sunny days, with laughters and tears and prays and you know you will always bring those memories along with you, wherever you go. To think that back home you ever had people like that with you, it sure is something to remember.

So………. I’m really thankful, for having a chance knowing them. That even we will continue with our life, when days grow older and we grow bigger……. we will always know we have good friends, good memories and good moments together.

That is invaluable, I guess.

Good night everyone….
send kisses from the stars to people you care about tonight… see ya around…

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