November Bash

All right, all right. Enough with all those desperate posts. 🙂

oh, and by the way, Judy is the one who texted me right away by the time she read my previous post. I really heart you, girl. 😛

So, as usual, this has been a hectic week–geez, should I say MONTH? 😛
anyway, during this hectic week, I found little surprises here and there. And they ARE nice. small in portion, big in effect.  Last month I submitted my story to Pena dan Cerita along with my CV and other requirements to be their contributor.P&C is a freelance writer community and you’ll find interesting, inspiring and nice short stories, poem or the contributor’s thought. Nice to read, really.
Okay, so back to topic. In the middle of my Test Mehod practice week in college, Jude texted me: 
check your inbox

I was so nervous and very very busy with all the test we have to administered that day so I have no idea what she’s talking about. And I don’t guess either. When I finally checked my inbox, I was literally JUMPING all around. I was SO VERY happy. For a while out there, waiting for P&C reply, I was actually wondering that maybe I really am not good enough for them. So I was like, this is a very tiring yet happy day!

And then, I finally got my result for my 1st level of Japanese at Gakushudo. My point was 77/100. Er… well…. that’s a B+, and it is not that bad, (I’m not you, Wiramihardja. I think I could handle B+. hehehehe… ) considering i wasnt ready for that final test, so hell yeah, I’m H-A-P-P-Y!! My next level should start around this month, but I haven’t heard anything from Gakku just yet.

I didnt get the IIEF scholarship fot the 8th batch.. but I’m truly determined to try again next year… 🙂 for the mean time, I should run and finish my study as soon as possible. I’m taking the short semester this year and, uh, altough I actually WANT to take these subjects, but the schedule is very very unfriendly. Here’s my classes list:

1. Neuropsychology (100 student, the faculty ONLY open one class, this class opened ONLY on short semester which means once a year, with foreigner teacher, and we will talk about neuro, psychology, medicine and stuff. Don’t give me that look, I think I’ll enjoy this class. it’s a main subject we all HAVE TO take anyways. 😛 )

2. Child Psychopathology. (nu-uh, don’t ask. I have no idea about this. I got the child part, not really do with the psychopathology, moreover if Child and Psychopatology are combined.) 

3. Health Psychology (I DONT GET it. Why would Atma Jaya torturing me any further with this subject?? Hello, I’m taking Clinical Psychology this semester and we ALREADY discuss this health psychology thing. Is this subject SO important that you really have to make a class specialized in discussing the health psychology topic?? Sick. This is very sick.)

4. Psychology of Play. (NICE. very very very nice. Mostly because I love Playing and I love Psychology so, yes, I heart this subject. One of my lecturer told me and my friends that this subject is really interesting to learn. She said the final project for us in this class is to create a toy of our own. A TOY. Creating A TOY. in my CLASS. you know, only in Psychology this fun things could happened.)

So, uhm, beside the very tight schedule, and that health psychology thing, i think everything is okay with this short semester. Actually, I felt really defeated because there is another interesting class opened this year. Guess. No, no just guess it.
and will I take that class? No.
Why? Because it is in the same day and same time with that Neuropsychology..
graaaaaa………….. well then I’m just hoping that the class will be opened again next year then. (sigh). Moral lesson: you don’t get EVERYTHING in life as exactly as you want it to be. life is too unpredictable.

Speaking about the unpredictable, A is totally being………… unpredictable. One times he’s so sweet the next he seems so distant. Or might I say, our relationship is being unpredictable. I am worried, of course. But I got this sense of it’s much better to let it be unpredictable (so you will never get bored) than the steady-calm-predictable-lalala- state of relationship. Well, too spicy is not good but not spicy at all is not better either. So yeah, I think I still could handle this. I actually believe that A’s presence is somewhat God’s plan on teaching me things. Walking with A really do teach me things. 🙂
that’s the sweet part.
the bitter part? He’s often acting too out-of-the-box. I could not follow his mind’s flow. He sometimes  looked like a stranger with a super …………………….. weird way of talk and act. Well, I KNOW since the very beginning that this one special guy (to think about it, he’s stuck with me for around 2 and a half year now.) is unique. I just don’t know that he actually could be this……… different with me. Thanks God I have a very high tolerance rate with difference. -_____-“

but then, he’s everything i’m not and i am everything he’s not. that’s why, i think, there is “me and him” and then “me to him” and “him to me” and finally there is “us”. We complete each other in a very complicated way, not always smooth, but we do fit each other nicely. The rest of it? Let time deals. We wait, we pray, we have fun..!

Oh, and since I’ve been with the PsychoCARE comittee since Moses parted the Red Sea (seriously. it’s been like FOREVER), I am pleased now to announce that we would host the event by January 12th. We’ll take the children with cancer to various site in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah and I could hardly wait! The work is really hard, but the fun awaiting is way harder to resist. So for you, all the psychology folks in Atma Jaya, registration will be opened by this Monday so keep your eyes open, register yourself and your friends and show that you care by supporting children with cancer..

Another surprise, my old junior high buddy texted me last two days and offering a chance to be a freelance script writer for Campus Radio!! Now that IS really SURPRISING. I told her I’ll be very very excited with anything to do with writing but i have to admit, i, uh, apparentely have no single idea of how to write a script for radio station.
but my buddy said that it’s okay and there will be someone who will teach me how to do this. I’ll meet with her this Monday. AWWWW this couldnt be BETTER. I’m reaallly excited with this! 🙂 🙂 wish me luck folks…

so, i think that conclude all the November Bash surprises… 🙂
have a dear life folks, I’ll see you around.

p.s. i put my FIRST shoutmix! ahahahahaha… finally.
drop your lines there.. 🙂 🙂

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