Taking Local Train Is My Cardio

My cardio. My exercise.

In Japan, exercising means me on a bicycle going as fast as I could because class start in 10 minutes and I want to have that cinnamon roll at Lapaz cafe so… yeah.

exercising means me on a bicycle (again) fighting for my life because the curfew is on 11.00 pm, it was 10.50 and I just got out from the freakin nearest train station (10 minutes on normal speed, 5 minutes added on looking for keys and finding bicycle in the dark in the parking lot), which totally freakin define a new meaning for freakin “panicking”
exercising means me practicing kendo and kyuudo, how I miss that.

In Jakarta, it means me taking local train to practically everywhere, to the university, to my work place, to go back home — everywhere.

As much as I hate local trains, I’m still grateful for the convenience it offers me everyday… but!

Seriously…? I can do my cardio by taking trains?? Unbelievable.

The exercise including running, cramped inside the train (no personal space, AT ALL, absolutely sweating.. absolutely…. frustrating), jumping across the railway (dangerous have totally different standard here), cramped inside the train again, and then fighting people to get out of the train.

That is unbelievable.

And sad too, because I actually like it, going by train. And going to the train station. Because there are a lot of things to look at, and everyday is different. One of the thing that 4 years of school of Psychology craved inside of me is an obsessive observing behavior , that is automatically happened because it’s just is.

Like today, I realized that a lot of people here in Indonesia use some kind of attributes that affiliates them with certain religion, certain organization and certain institution everyday. They are wearing hijab,  cross-shaped necklace, and, euh, alma mater jacket? And I noticed that people use this without really realizing what they are implying because if they do, they would certainly behave themselves and stop spitting, throwing trashes around, or — hitting or pulling people because they wanted to get into an already overcrowded train.

You don’t spit around and you don’t throw trashes on the ground especially when you are so easily recognized as “x believers”, “y believers” or “z university student”, because… people, because it shows you what those religion, organization or institution whatsoever been teaching you. You trashed on the ground because you don’t feel like owning that place, you have no sense of belonging at all, to that place. Train station is a public place and we are the public. If we stop caring, owning, building a sense of belonging to these places, then who will? It’s not the gov that’s owning the place, we own that. We pay taxes for those places.

I also have a real hard time understanding why on earth everyone are trying to get out of the train just at the exact same time? It’s like throwing rice to a group of hens and all of them just run to grab those rices fastly. I mean, there is this big transit station, called Sudirman Station. It is located in the heart of Jakarta, and naturally (or stupidly, I don’t know) most people work on that area. And some universities are there too. I believe with all my heart that people working to signal the train, and the train’s driver are very well educated in the fact that HALF of the train passengers will leave the train at this station. It is highly unlikely that they will depart the train in less than 1 minute. It is highly unlikely that you will not be able to go out because the train is already departed to the next station the moment you reach the doors. Of course it is not like you can walk out giggling with your friends and walking snail-speed because then it will be your fault not to be able to get out in time.

But there is enough time for everyone to get out of the train if everyone just, for heaven’s sake, behave themselves well and stop pushing and pulling while walking out.

Is it that hard to act like a real homo sapiens?

like, being wise and do the actual thinking process instead of following our mere instinct?

I don’t know what is wrong here. The education? The culture?

What I know is, taking local train is my cardio, not only physically, but mentally as well as I tried my best everyday not to step on people feet, apologize if I do, be patient and… be forgiving.

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