Three Trips Ahead

The government of Indonesia has announced a public holiday from Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday, June 5th. But my college is one of those sometimes-stupid college who ignore the government’s rule and FORCED me to attend those classes.
Like I care. ahahahhaa….
My perfect holiday is actually ruined because this particular lecturer asked us to hand in that stupid assigments on her desk by 2 p.m. When every one of us frown, she said it was because she wouldnt be there by saturday and she would want to read our test interpretation by monday. I dont know which one is freakier:

1. My lecturer brings home piles of test interpretation report on weekend (we were suspicious that seeing graphics of personality and maladjustment is her main form of recreation) or,
2. I still care and did that stupid assignments with all my heart.

Nevertheless, I’m home at last and feel so stupid by just coming to the campus, put the paper and head straight back home, particularly because there was nothing to do, really. So I think this might be also a great time to fill you in with another update. Ready? 😀

update #2
Three Trips Ahead

My uber cool auntie is getting married this July and me and mom and my brothers planning on being there witnessing her sacred vow in……… BALI..!
say wow, say woow…
after a few visits to Bali, I actually think that Bali is…. the exact place you wanna go to spend your money all for nothing. Of course if this is your first visit then ignore me. But if this is your third, then you really have to think of something more than Kuta and Tanah Lot Beach.

So bearing that in mind I asked Rio whether he wants some adventures. We could ride up with his car and go to Bali over land route. Rio seems pretty excited, saying that he would expect the beautiful scenery and the fun while we were on our road trip. I’m also excited as well and we were trying to get mum to join us but she was like: “what? land route?? not a chance. nu-uh. count me out.” Well since this is a real fun we still have at least 2 weeks to persuade her. 😀
I’m searching the information on which places should I visit after attending auntie’s marriage in Bali. I want to visit those places other than Kuta and Tanah Lot then do other stuffs beside learn how to surf, making a temporary tattoo or playing banana boat. I havent figured out yet what are those places and what are those things i would love to do, but i think this is quite interesting and i am lookin forward for the trip!

Another coming fun….. Herman senpai (the guy who got the scholarship to KANDA 2 yrs ago) invited me and Rini (the girl who will fly to Japan with me) to join them in Misaki chan and Chinami chan’s farewell party. So Misaki and Chinami are the exchange students that has been studying here for almost a year. they probably will be leaving Jakarta soon so Herman senpai and his friends are organizing the farewell party which will take place in…….. Tidung Island. Gee, that was like one of the most beautiful island in Kepulauan Seribu…!

this is not a very clear picture, but the place was surely very beautiful. and i love beaches..! the sand, the water, especially clear water like in Tidung island, the smell, the sun set, the sun rise, i love everything about beach! One annoying issue is because i.. dont know anybody there except Herman senpai and Rini. Rini even hasnt cinfirmed yet whether she is really gonna join the party or not. but when I told Herman senpai about this he started lecturing me about doh-i”ll-introduce-you-to-everyone-stop-being-sily and all. so yeah, this probably gonna be a very beautiful trip, i hope…

and…….. the BIGGEST TRIP to do is…………….

the trip Jakarta-Jogja-Surabaya with Jude and Indra…!
*yeah yeah yeeaaaah*

This takes us back again to the 2011 resolution post “I’m Amazing Just the Way I am”. My 6th point of resolution was to travel to Vietnam with Jude. But as we considering everything, we thought it will be much better to travel Indonesia first before we travel the other countries. Some weeks later Indra came and join us and that makes me feel even happier…
I barely know Indra but he is really fun to be with. It’s easy to be friends with him and he’s also close to Jude so i think we all gonna be a super fun travel companion.
So we will set from Jakarta to Jogja, stay there for 3 days and then depart to Surabaya. We will also be staying there for 3 days and I AM SO EXCITED waiting for this semester to be over (gosh. i have that undergrad theses to be done this week. -______-“) and fly to those nice cities.. My mum was like, “You……. are going to travel a lot. do you realize that?” and i was “Yes ma’am..!” I LOVE DOING this. more than i thought before, more than i can explain.

So it was settled then, I’m gonna have some fun travelling fun places with fun companion and i want to do it soon!
sure then i have to make it through the last weeks of this semester and that is so not comfortable. yet to be thinking that i’m gonna spend the entire two months exploring places with my friends is surely something so worth it to be waiting for..!

that is all for the update today folks..
kisses from the stars!

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